Top Ways Couples Drive Each Other Crazy

Couples don’t need reasons to develop fondness for each other, but they also don’t need issues to get mad at each other. Even the smallest of things can drive couples crazy.

Meenakshi Chaudhary
DatingWritten by: Meenakshi ChaudharyPublished at: Mar 04, 2015
Top Ways Couples Drive Each Other Crazy

Having a relationship with the partner of your choice is one of the best things that could happen in your life. Your partner understands you better than anyone. So many times you are amazed by the level of support and understanding that get from your partner that you end up wondering how good your partner is. But then there are those fights that didn’t even require a reason to begin with. It is very common for couples to fight over small issues or even when there is no issue at all.

couples drive each other crazy

So, what do you think about such fights? Do you have a reason why you end up fighting over petty things despite an earlier reconciliation? Well, it is less likely for you to blame a single reason for such fights. Well, you are not on the wrong track. Actually, it is very common for couples to drive each other crazy for all the weird reasons. Even the smallest of things can drive you completely mad. Here are some common ways the love-birds may annoy each other.


While you may not have such an intention, when you compare your partner with someone, you annoy her/him. And if the comparison is with someone your partner doesn’t like at all, it is going to annoy him/her beyond limits.

Defending other

Defending others

When your partner is trying to make a point about someone from your office or friend circle and you start defending them, your partner may not like it. But,  when you become defensive, you end up driving your partner crazy.

Copying others

Copying others

Your partner loves you the way you are. When you start copying things from a friend of your friends whom your partner never liked so much, she/he is bound to feel annoyed.

Busy on phone

Being Busy on the phone

It is very common for people to spend more time on their gadgets, however, when you spend way too much time on your smartphone chatting with people from your office or friend circle, you are likely to make your partner unhappy. You may not even realise that you are busy with your phone most of the time.



Couples are all about disagreements and agreements. There is no big deal in not sharing the same opinion as your partner, but when the couples start disagreeing about almost everything, they end up driving each other crazy.

Poor hygiene

Poor hygiene

Everyone has their own definition of hygiene. It is very common for one partner to be more hygiene conscious than the other. The never-ending reminder of maintaining better hygiene or the failure to maintain hygiene may drive any couple crazy.

Being curious about your ex

If there is something that doesn’t take time to offend, annoy and irritate your partner, then it’s you being curious about your ex. So the next you see your partner going crazy when you are caught looking at the Facebook page of your ex, you should know who is to blame.

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