Sitting for too Long Ups the Risk of Colon Cancer

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Oct 30, 2013

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‘If you are more sedentary, you are at greater risk of colon cancer’, suggests study.

colon cancer risk sittingMen who are more sedentary face a higher risk of recurring colon polyps, according to a new study. The risk of colon cancer doesn’t dip even if these men break up their downtime with bouts of recreational activities such as walking, jogging or golf. The study suggests that that extended inactivity is itself a risk factor for non-cancerous colon polyps, benign tumours that can give rise to colorectal cancer.

Men who spent 11 or more hours a day in seated endeavours -- such as writing or reading -- were 45 percent more likely to develop polyps than those who spent less than seven hours a day engaged in sedentary behaviour. Though there was an association between sedentary behavior and increased risk of colon polyps in men, it did not prove a cause-and-effect relationship. The authors said no protective link has been established between being more active and having a lower risk for colorectal cancer.

The study, funded by the U.S. National Institutes of Health and the U.S. National Cancer Institute, was schedule for presentation this week at the annual cancer-prevention conference of the American Association for Cancer Research, held in Oxon Hill, Md.



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