Tips to be Weight Smart during Navratras

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Apr 05, 2011

weight smartBells are tolling and declaring that the festival season is round the corner. By starving or fasting throughout the day even the slightest smell of fried potato chips and pakoras can immediately make you salivate and ignite your hunger.


Ace dietician, Himanshu Kapoor says, “We can give them calorie dense food which is alkaline and not acidic. This must be alternated with small portions of meals throughout a day. This way it will keep their hunger pangs in check and create negative calories.”


So, how do you contain your impulsive hunger for high calorie foods that tempt you so much during the festival season?


To schedule your Navratras and make it more calorie friendly, we asked Himanshu Kapoor to help you schedule your day. Here is what she had to say –



  • One can begin the day with a banana smoothie prepared with milk, bananas and dates. This will take you through a minimum of two to two-and-a half hours.
  • An hour later or so, those who have a heavy bent for tea can take green tea with a handful of roasted peanuts.



  • People on fast can have a bowl full of fruits.
  • If tradition followed in the family permits them to have food once in a day, fasting people can choose to eat a full meal. For instance, they can have chilla with tomato chutney, dosa with aaloo subzi or tomato rice or vrat chawal.



  • Yet again if people have pangs to drink tea they can take it with sabudana papad.
  • Another great option is fruit salad drizzled with honey, nuts and raisins. If they don’t like fruit salad with nuts post sunset, you can have it in the morning.

Although, it seems you’re munching throughout the day but, quite surprisingly, you’d be consuming only 1,200 calories.


So, don’t eat too much of potato chips fried in ghee and oil. Instead, have sumptuous and healthy foods which will take care of you and not let you put on those extra calories.

After all we care and therefore share! Happy feasting!




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