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9 Tips To Stay Healthy During a Twin Pregnancy

Being pregnant with twins can be a little overwhelming. Here is how you can take care of yourself.

Tanya Srivastava
Written by: Tanya SrivastavaPublished at: Jun 01, 2022Updated at: Jun 01, 2022
9 Tips To Stay Healthy During a Twin Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a blissful journey that every parent wants to experience. It is full of surprises and this surprise becomes double when a would-be parent comes to know that they are having twins. There are chances of a high-risk pregnancy if the mother is carrying more than one baby. But it is not that much of a high risk that one should worry about; it just means the doctors will closely monitor your pregnancy. If you are carrying twins, here are a few tips for a healthy and giving birth to healthy babies. If you are carrying twins, here Dr. Rita Bakshi, Senior Gynecologist, and IVF expert, suggests a few tips for a healthy pregnancy and birth of healthy babies.

In an exclusive interaction with OnlyMyHealth editorial team, Dr. Rita Bakshi, IVF Expert and senior Gynecologist elucidates the prevention and suggestion for making a healthy pregnancy and birth of healthy babies.

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Tips To Stay Healthy During a Twin Pregnancy

1. Proper Nutrition

The most important step to follow during your pregnancy is the intake of proper nutrition. Pregnant mothers should ideally take a prenatal vitamin with folic acid in the starting 3 months prior to her conception. Folic acid helps in reducing the chances of neural tube defects in the baby such as spina bifida. It is also suggested that if you haven’t started taking the vitamin daily yet, don’t worry about the missed time—but do start now. Take the vitamin with food in order to reduce nausea. The doctor tells that mothers of twins don’t need 2 prenatal vitamins a day—one is enough.

2. Keep yourself hydrated

As human we need at least 2 liters of water everyday  to sustain and survive. As for pregnant women, it is important to sip on water throughout the day. However, keeping yourself well hydrated can drive you crazy in later months when you’re running to the bathroom every 5 minutes. Remember your babies’ extra blood flow and removal of waste depends solely on it. It may help you and both the babies to drink more water earlier in the day and then stop after 8:00 pm so that you can sleep longer stretches at night between bathroom breaks.

3. Stay as Active as You Can

Staying physically active helps the pregnant woman's body to maintain good functionality thereby avoiding back and joint aches and pain. Gentle exercises in terms of yoga, or meditation are also recommended to help in toning the muscles and keep them ready for labor. Staying active also reduces the risk of gestational diabetes which is caused by your placenta secreting hormones that cause the insulin resistance. Even if the pregnancy is complicated by partial bed rest, ask your doctor if you can continue with yoga and/or pilates in order to keep your muscle toned and avoid body aches.

4. Lay Down on Your Side

20 weeks into the pregnancy is when most of the mothers are recommended to start sleeping side wards, but when carrying twins, it is shrinked to 16 weeks. The uterus growing inside can compress blood vessels, restricting the blood flow back to your heart. This can make the woman feel dizzy or weak. She may also experience more swelling than normal, so this is a good time to buy compression stockings for a better and relaxed feel.

5. Say no to substances

Smoking and drinking during pregnancy is a strict no. It's always advised to not drink alcohol excessively, smoke, or take drugs, whether you are pregnant or not. When you are pregnant. If you are doing so know that it exposes your unborn babies to toxic substances. This also raises their risk of birth defects and even chronic illnesses. Alcoholism and nicotine addiction are medical conditions, and your doctor or specialist can help you treat them.

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6. Do not get overtired

A woman's pregnant body works overtime in order for the babies to grow. There's not much energy left over for the woman to accomplish her everyday activities. The woman will probably feel tired at times, and it's important to give body the rest it needs. So, don't overdo it. Therefore, if you're advised bed rest, take it seriously and folly it stringently. Accept your doctor's advice and don't push the limits any further.

7. Stay stress-free

Stress is a very common symptom that comes clinging to twin pregnancy. Try to steer clear of any kind of stress, fear or anxiety. Join the support groups if you can or parenting clubs from where you can get relevant advice during times of stress. This will help you to manage stress in these times.

8. Stay well informed

Self-help books elucidates efficiently with plenty of twin-baby pregnancy tips and ways. There are many well-written books that give good advice on pregnancy and raising twin babies all through their toddler years. One may also search for blogs and video channels that do the same. They key is to just stay informed.

9. Always stay in touch with your doctor

Twin pregnancies can also increase the chances of health hazards like preeclampsia. It a condition in which the mother has increased blood pressure, protein in the urine (detectable by urinalysis), and more than usual swelling during her pregnancy. If you notice rapid weight gain or headaches body pain, alert your obstetrician so you can be examined as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of your particular situation, treatment may range from bed rest or hospital-administered medications, to even immediate delivery of the babies. 

An optimistic yet careful attitude during your pregnancy is a necessity will help your mental state and hence help your babies to thrive during pregnancy if required. Take things one day at a time and one week at a time, be slow yet consistent. Eat a balanced diet and pay attention to what your body and your twins are indicating. Every added day that babies spend inside the womb will help them once the delivery day arrives. The bigger your belly gets, the bigger your smile should be since you’re creating 2 miracles!