Remove unwanted facial hair with these quick tips

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Dec 18, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Facial hair can make skin rough and dark.
  • Turmeric and lemon juice can remove facial hair.
  • Oatmeal scrub is effective in removing unwanted hair.
  • Lavender and tea tree oil can treat hirsutism.

Hair growth whether on your lips, chin, cheeks or forehead will always remain unwanted. To hide the ugly facial hair, many women take help of bleach. However, the glowing facial bleached hair also does not look appealing. Unlike men, women do not have an option to shave off the hair because that would reduce their chances of having a soft and supple facial skin.


In a situation like this, all you can do is look up to some home remedies that can very effectively remove the unwanted facial hair. It is true that home remedies take a little while to show the results but unlike any other method they do not leave behind any side-effects, which makes them safe even for a sensitive skin. Some of the home remedies are so easy to use that it may not give you a feel that you have to put in some extra effort to get rid of the ugly facial hair. Following are some of the remedies to remove facial hair.


Facial Hair Removal Tips

Indian Nettle-Turmeric

Acalphya Indica is a medicinal herb which is a native to India. The herb contains anthelmintic, expectorant, emetic, anodyne, hypnotic, antimicrobial, antiparasitic and wound healing properties. Put in use to treat various conditions like pneumonia, asthma, rheumatism, bedsores, wounds etc., the juice of Indian nettle when mixed with oil or mile can used treat many skin diseases also. Indian nettle can gently permeate the skin which causes thinning of hair on the face. Eventually, the hair starts falling off and stops growing again.

Oatmeal Scrub

The grainy texture of oatmeal can be a good facial exfoliating agent. Scrubs have always been a useful remedy to remove facial hair. But readymade scrubs can put your skin at a risk of rashes or redness. If you have a sensitive skin commercial scrubs can make them feel dry, itchy and red. However, homemade oatmeal scrub which has avenathramide class of antioxidants can reduce redness and protect your skin against UV damage from the sun. Use of homemade oatmeal scrub will not only help you get rid of unwanted facial hair but it will also hydrate your skin leaving it smooth and soft.



Lavender-Tea Tree Oil

Many women suffer from a condition called hirsutism. The condition can cause occurrence of hair in excess on androgen-dependent areas of a woman’s body like chin or breast. In a study conducted to find out the effect of lavender and tea tree oil on curing mild idiopathic hirsutism in women, it was found that these oils may have antiandrogenic activities. This means that when these oils are applied locally on the skin, it can help you reduce hair growth on face and other body parts.

Use these homemade remedies to remove the facial hair and to feel confident in your skin.


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