7 Natural Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Brain Stroke

Check out these natural tips to reduce the risk of brain stroke. Read on.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Dec 15, 2021 11:47 IST
7 Natural Tips To Reduce The Risk Of Brain Stroke

A stroke happens when there is a restricted blood flow to your brain. Most of the strokes are caused by a blood clot or other factors that might block the flow. Around 10% cases are also caused due to bleeding in the brain. Elderly and people with a family history of strokes are highly likely to have a stroke. High blood pressure is also a common cause of brain strokes. Read this article further to know about natural tips to reduce the risk of a brain stroke.

Tips to reduce the risk of brain stroke

Here are 7 natural ways to reduce the risk of a brain stroke:

1. Healthy diet

Taking a balanced, healthy and nutritious diet is one of the best natural ways to minimize the risk of stroke. It is important to consume less fat in the daily diet (saturated and trans fats) to lower the risk of blood clots. Your everyday diet schedule should surely include a good amount of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains and beans to avoid a brain stroke.

2. Less salt intake

High salt intake is directly related to the risk of stroke. Consumption of less than 5 grams salt per day for adults helps in lowering blood pressure levels and the risk of heart disease, brain stroke and coronary heart attack. The main benefit of consuming less salt is the control and management of high blood pressure.

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3. Reduce stress

Stress and anxiety can also increase the risk of a stroke. Not taking rest, long working hours, emotional pressure, or physically exhausting tasks can be factors behind stress. Stress releases hormones that spike the blood pressure levels and increase the risk of blood clotting. If you reduce the stress levels, it will be an effective natural way to lessen the risk of stroke. You can do the same with the help of yoga, meditation to calm down the body and mind.

4. Physical activity

Regular physical activity of atleast 30 minutes exercise daily is also important to reduce the risk of a stroke.  exercises, including swimming, jogging, yoga, biking and more, increase the level of good cholesterol in the body and improve the resilience of the arteries and the heart. Moderate activity like riding a bike, walking, or yoga is recommended every day for 30 minutes.

5. Avoid smoking

Nicotine in cigarettes can thicken the blood flow, putting you at a higher risk of having a clot. Smoking can cause aneurysms and is also associated to lung problems, heart disease and cancer. Smoking can make you susceptible to ischemic attack and haemorrhagic stroke. And, it also leads to atherosclerosis (fatty deposits) in the carotid artery, which is the main blood vessel of the brain.

6. Quality sleep

If you want to minimize the risk of stroke, getting quality and long hours  sleep regularly is also important. According to some researches, it has been found that there is a strong connection between getting less than 6 hours of sleep and a higher risk of stroke symptoms in people over 45 years of age. Even loud snoring sometimes indicates that you are not taking quality sleep.

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7. Restrict alcohol

Taking too much alcohol can increase your blood pressure levels and the triglycerides in your body. This, it is important to limit yourself to only one or two drinks a day and not more than that. You can talk to your doctor about ways to quit alcohol and smoking.

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