8 Handy Tips To Order Healthy At A Restaurant

On a diet but can't refuse brunch invite? Here's how you can order healthy at a restaurant to abide by your health resolutions.

Gandharv Gulati
Written by: Gandharv GulatiUpdated at: Mar 10, 2020 14:00 IST
8 Handy Tips To Order Healthy At A Restaurant

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is not easy and maintaining that is the most difficult thing. You must be working out hard, adding superfoods, eating soups & salads, etc. to achieve your body goals but one mistake can wreck it all. Such as when dining out with friends, the delightful menu may throw a wrench in your healthy eating plans. If you are really serious about eating clean, we have some amazing tips on how to order healthy at any restaurant in this article. Read the full article and you can thank us later.

1. First and foremost, review the menu.

This is the first step. You must scrutinize the entire menu to look for healthy(and tasty) options. Before your eyes get glued on your favorite unhealthy dishes, go through the entire menu and then decide your order.

2. Begin with a low-calorie appetizer

Be careful with appetizers as these can make or break your resolution of eating healthy. High-calorie appetizers would increase your craving and you'd end up eating more than what's required. Eat roasted or air-fried appetizers to kick start the meal in the right way.

low-calorie appetizer

3. Replace side dish with veggies

In case you don't know, side dishes are hidden sources of fat with a high-calorie count. Order vegetables as a side dish, if you wish to have one. Also, don't forget to ask the serving person if these are prepared in oil and instruct them to not add oil. It is alright to put ahead of your meal requests and most restaurants happily cater to them.

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4. Order a salad before anything else

Your first order should be a big bowl of salad. Finish it first as it would decrease your hunger and also it is low in salt, fat and calories. You may add apple cider vinegar and sprinkle some pepper to it to enhance the taste. You'd feel half full upon finishing the salad bowl.

Order a salad

5. Prefer red sauces over cream ones

As compared to the tempting cream sauces, red sauces are healthier. For example, order red sauce pasta instead of white sauce and ask the chef to use whole wheat or whole grain pasta. Regular pasta is made of refined flour which increases blood sugar level and inhibits fat burning mechanism.

6. Check out healthy main course dishes

To save yourself from the guilt of cheating your meal, find healthy and light dishes on the menu. Restaurants are also evolving their menus considering the health-centric changes which allow people like you to have an exclusive, healthy menu.

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unsweetened beverages

7. Order only unsweetened beverages

Control your drinking emotions by ordering low-calorie, non-alcoholic and unsweetened drinks only. While it is better to have fresh juices, you may take down a glass of red wine or beer but just one.

8. Pick healthy proteins

If you are in doubt about what to order, go for healthy proteins. Fish, chicken and turkey are healthy non-veg proteins that you can order. However, consider only boiled or grilled meat.

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