Want To Maintain Your Skin And Hair During Winter Season? Try These 10 Tips To Keep Them Healthy

Chilly winds can make your skin and hair unhealthy during winter season. Here are some useful tips that can help.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Jan 03, 2022 16:43 IST
Want To Maintain Your Skin And Hair During Winter Season? Try These 10 Tips To Keep Them Healthy

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Winter season is much awaited and a favourite for many due to all the good reasons. However,  it is also the season of skin and hair problems including frizzy hair, dry skin, chapped lips and dandruff. Changes in weather can lead to changes in your skin and hair. In the winter months, there is less moisture in the air which can lead to drier skin, hair, nails as well as lips. It is good to add more moisture into your beauty care routine. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Ms. Soumali Adhikary, beauty and lifestyle content creator, about useful tips to keep skin and hair healthy in winter season.

Tips for healthy skin and hair in winters

Here are some tips that can help you manage all these skin and hair care challenges while also enjoying the season:

1. Warm or cold water to wash hair and face

washing face

While a hot water bath is everyone’s favourite in winters, washing the hair with the same is the major reason for fizziness, dryness and dandruff problems. So, always wash your hair with lukewarm or if possible, only cold water. Just like your hair, do not use hot water to wash your face as it will make it drier. Using a lukewarm water is the best option.

2. Conditioning

Winters automatically makes your hair extra dry. This accompanied by styling hair products and sprays makes them super dry. You should not forget to condition your hair properly. And, an oil based moisturizer for extra nourishment is a must for this season.

3. Oiling

An oil massage before a wash is an extremely important step which should be included in your winter/wedding season routine. You can use coconut, almond or olive oil to apply on your scalp and hair strands in order to make them healthy.

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4. Hair masks

Winters come with a lot of dandruff and scalp irritation. You can try lemon based hair mask to avoid dandruff. There are many other beneficial natural ingredients such as eggs and yogurt, that you can mix to make a DIY hair mask at home.

5. Coconut oil

Not only is coconut oil a great moisturizer, it is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from environmental stressors. Hence, while oiling your scalp, you can apply coconut oil on the skin too. It will stay hydrated and moisturised for a longer period of time.

coconut oil

6. Vitamin C serum

A good Vitamin C serum should always be part of your skincare routine, no matter what time of the year. You can buy a vitamin C serum from the market or apply natural ingredients on your skin, such as orange and lemon that are rich in Vitamin C.

7. Aloe vera gel or glycerin

An aloe vera gel or glycerin can be a blessing for this season. They cannot only help in moistening your skin but also makes it softer, spotless and gives you the glow. You can buy alow vera gel from the market or extract it naturally from the aloe leaves grown at home.

8. Exfoliating

Exfoliation is an essential step in any skin care routine. It is even more important during the winter season. You can easily remove the dead cells from your skin by proper exfoliation. It is an easy process and will provide the desired results quickly. 

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9. Lip balm

Winters make your lips chapped and dry. Always keep a lip balm or petroleum jelly in your bag for a softer lip. You can also make your own lip balm at home using easily available natural ingredients. Applying ghee on your lips can also help in getting rid of extra dryness in winters.

10. Hand and feet

Dead skin on hands and feet is very common in winters. While also taking care of your skin and hair, don’t forget your hands and feet. Always carry a good hand cream with you and regularly apply foot cream before going to bed for keeping the moisture intact.

While it is important to take extra care of your skin in winters, what you put on your plate is even more important.  Afterall, beauty always comes from within! Therefore, besides enhancing your beauty care routine, it is also important to take care of your diet and daily physical activity.

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