Teacher's Day 2018: Tips to Improve Teacher-student Relationship

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Sep 04, 2018
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  • Teacher's day is dedicated to all the teachers who act as guides in their students' lives
  • Look for opportunities to talk to your students to know their goals and aspirations
  • Teachers should take an interest in the class to make it interesting for the student

Teachers’ day is celebrated on 5th September in the country to honour the former President Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, philosopher and exemplary teacher and a promoter of education. This day is dedicated to all the teachers who act as guides in their students' lives.

Teachers can easily influence the way students' look at life and even change it if need be. With the support of their teachers, students take risks, work hard, make mistakes and learn from them. It is important to maintain a good teacher-student relationship.

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Here are some ways in which to improve teacher-student relationship:

Know your Students

As a teacher, you have to deal with a whole class so it is important to know your students by name. Look for opportunities to talk to your students to know their goal, aspirations and opinions on national and social events. It helps a student to know that someone is interested in their life and genuinely wants to help. 

Value their Opinions and Give Positive Comments

Conduct a discussion, wherein, every student participates and give their opinions. They agree and disagree on certain subjects, so it is important that you make them realize that their opinion matters and also clarify if there is any confusion. Even if they make mistakes, handle it smoothly and give them positive advice. Positive comments are important to build a students’ confidence, especially when you recognize their effort.

Be Enthusiastic while Teaching

It is crucial for the teacher to take an interest in the class to make it interesting for the students. It happens that students feel that the class is monotonous but it is a teachers’ job to make it interesting – this will also help you build a stronger relationship with your student. If you enjoy the class, it means that you also like spending time with your students.

Don’t Make Favourites

Playing favourites in your class might make some of your students indifferent towards everything, which might take a toll on their mental health and lead to performance anxiety. It is okay if you like some students better than others, but make sure that you are not giving them special treatment. Give every student an equal opportunity to participate in class activities to help them make an impression on you. This will also encourage the students to participate in the class, even if it is to win your favour.

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Create a Friendly and Supportive Classroom

There is enough competition in the world to make your students learn things the hard way. Instead make them realize the importance of cooperation in life which is another important aspect of life that they should learn. Create a friendly and supportive environment in your class so that they learn to work together, instead of competing for each other all the time. This will make them friendlier towards the class and you.

These are only a few points on how you can build a stronger teacher-student relationship. Students are always looking for advice even though they do not say that out loud. These tips will not only help you to build a better teacher-student relationship, it will also motivate the students to do better and take initiatives in class, especially when their teacher is making so much effort.

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