Tips to Stop Children from Sucking Thumb

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Feb 22, 2012

One of the initial habits among newborns is Thumb sucking, which is developed by a baby to comfort and please himself. Although, it is harmless, but carrying on with the habit during preschool years and beyond that could cause dental damage. Therefore, parents must intervene in order to help their child get rid of the habit. Babies often develop these habits such as sucking on fingers, toys and even clothes. As this could be a phindrance in growth of child's mouth and teeth, child should be stopped from sucking thumb by the age of 5 years. Children of over 5 years with this habit are also teased by peer group in school, so it's quite necessary to understand the significance of abstaining child from doing it.


  1. Don’t try hard on children in their toddlerhood. In many cases, children lose this habit after going past toddlerhood, by around age of four to five.
  2. Plan your moves before child’s permanent teeth come in. The dental issues are often reflected if child persists with the habit. If there is some anxiety provoking him to suck thumb, look out for the best way to sort out the issue.
  3. Plan out something that motivates them get past this habit. Motivation could be one of the crucial factors in the task of stopping the thumb sucking habit.
  4. Whenever you see him putting thumb in mouth, distract them with something. For instance, involve them in some activity that could only be done using both hands, for which they have to take thumb out of the mouth.
  5. Provide several opportunities and day care activities that keep their hands busy, like drawing with crayons, sketching with pencils and fiddling with toys.
  6. Make them talk more and more in order to keep fingers or thumb away from the mouth. In addition, talk to him about the abandoning of thumb sucking habit.
  7. You can also consult dentist on how to get rid of childhood habit. Ask him about the dental consequences and various options for getting rid of thumb sucking habit.
  8. Some of the parents also try distasteful products like vinegar on baby’s fingers.



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