Tips to Reduce Indoor Allergens

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Jan 18, 2013

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Tips to Reduce Indoor AllergensFor those who suffer from allergies, indoor allergens can be a huge problem. But there are several way in which you can reduce the entrance of these allergens into your house and live in an allergy-free environment.



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Keep humidity levels low


Using de-humidifiers and air conditioners can keep humidity levels low and help keep several allergens that thrive in humidity at bay.


Keep Food Covered


Keeping food covered at all times is highly recommended. Also, ensure that no tidbits lie around as these attract insects that can make allergies get worse. Keeping food inside tightly closed containers can also prevent allergens from getting into your food.


Eliminate mould


Fungus or mould can be a major problem, especially during monsoons. Clean all the areas susceptible to retain moisture with diluted bleach. Doing so keeps the area clean for longer. The sooner you clean it, the safer you’ll be. Use hardwood, linoleum or tile. Replacing carpets or rugs made of fibres with tiles or hard wood as the latter are a breeding ground for mould. The latter are easier to clean and can be kept dust and mite free for longer.



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If you have roaches and other bugs in your house, they can make your allergies go out of control. It is a good idea to avail the services of professional pest control companies and exterminators to rid your house of these pests and maintain a healthy living environment.


Wash bedding regularly


Washing your bed linen every week, preferably in hot water, is a good way of reducing allergens in your bedroom. Drying the sheets on high heat quickly is also recommended.



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Pets are a bad idea


People with indoor allergies may find it hard to live in the same home as dogs and other pets. Animal dander has a way of finding its way into everything. If you must keep a pet, make outdoor arrangements for it like a kennel, etc.


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