Straighten your Hair with Care for a Gleeful Shine

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Feb 22, 2012
Quick Bites

  • Hair straightening can cause irreversible damage to your hair like split ends and hair breakage if not done properly.
  • Always take a close look at the risk of hair straightening before going ahead with the procedure.
  • When doing hair straightening at home, make sure to use the right appliances and heat protectants.

Persisting with a particular hairstyle will make you think of getting a few changes after a certain point of time. A makeover like getting straight hair is one of the best ways to do it. There are various methods to straighten your hair.

hair straighteningIn order to ascertain streamlined hair growth, you need to do it in a non-damaging manner. Clearly, none of wants a hair boo boo!



Many chemical relaxers and straighteners are being used now-a-days for hair straightening. These also bring in complications such as hair loss, split ends and breakage, making it worse for you and your hair. Another widely used method for hair straightening is using hot flat iron/heated appliance. Using heated appliance like iron on hair could be as threatening for the hair as the usage of chemicals. Therefore, give a second thought before going about straightening your hair.


Go for Natural Methods

Because chemicals are a common buzz when it comes to straightening hair, it is important to first step into the world of perfection with immense care. Chemicals can do wonders to the aesthetics of the hair, for good or worse and it is this proof of immediate result that makes it an unhealthy procedure. It does a lot of damage to the hair, which shows up several months after you have got the procedure done. So, the best way is to see how natural products can work for your hair. Some of these can be found in your own kitchen. For example, you could use a combination of egg whites and olive oil to get the strong and straight appearence that you so desire.


Blow Dryers

Blow Drying is another technique that causes minimal damage and helps you to straighten hair. Drying should be done in tandem with the use of heat activated straightening creams. However, doing it in a right manner will fetch the desired results. Therefore, make sections of hair with the help of a clip, and follow it up with brushing while blowing the drier. Brushing along with drying ensures tautness. In case you have fine, curly and damaged hair, a diffuser will prove effective to minimise dryness, keeping frizz away.


Using Hair Straightener Safely

Enthusiasts with a desire to transform their hair into gleaming and straight pattern can make use of hair straightener. If used properly, hair straightener fetches you the desired level of straightening and extends the hair's length. Pressure exertion on the hair shaft could be devastating for hair. So, appropriate use of hair drier and strengtheners will help you to restrict hair damage and increase the volume.


Shampoos and Conditioners

Choose a shampoo enriched with silicone and polymers like dimethicone or cyclomethicone as these add shine and smoothness to straight hair. Moreover, a humectant conditioner should be used to moisturise and prevent curling of hair.

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