Tips to Drive Safely in Fog

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Feb 04, 2013

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A distant car amids of fogA large number of road accidents are caused during winters due to fog. Therefore, it is necessary to be very cautious while driving in fog.  With little efforts you can reduce the risk of road accidents even while fog. The following are some important tips to drive safely in fog:

  • Keep an eye on your speedometer. While driving in Fog, it is advisable to drive at a minimum speed. However, you may not realize the pace and your car may speedup which can prove to be dangerous.
  • Avoid using high beam of your car’s headlight as they get reflected due to fog and may prove to be blinding for your own eyes. Therefore it is advisable to keep the headlight on low beam so that you can see the road clearly without the risk of getting blinded.
  • Keep the windows of the car open so that the sound of other vehicles is audible. During fog, when the visibility is low, most of the drivers use horn in order to warn about their presence. However, in case the windows are closed and the music is playing loud you may not be able to hear those sounds.
  • In order to drive safely in fog, try to remain at the center of the road and follow the road markings. In case of thick fog, there are chances that you may not be able to make out the forth coming curves and turns. However, by following the road marks, you will get to know the approaching dangers of the road.     
  • While driving in fog, make sure to give proper signals well in advance at turns. This will give work as a warning for other drivers who make not be able to see your vehicle due to less visibility in foggy atmosphere.
  • You should avoid over taking other vehicles during fog as the level of visibility is low and you may be able to see the oncoming vehicles from the opposite direction. Hence, you should securely stay behind the forth-moving vehicle maintaining a safe distance depending upon the visibility.
  • It is very necessary to clear the windscreen with the help of defrosters or wipers at regular intervals as a layer of fog is also formed on them which further reduces visibility.
  • Try to avoid taking sudden brakes or stopping the vehicle at the middle of the road. However, if it is necessary to stop give an indicator and take your vehicle at the side of the road. Also, turn on the parking light so that the other approaching vehicles get to know that you have halted.         

Although driving in fog is very risky, if you follow all the above mentioned tips to drive safely in fog a large number of accidents can be avoided and you can reach your destination safely.



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