Things you will Experience if you are in a Troubled Relationship

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Nov 20, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • You have ugly fights with each other.
  • You suffer from marriage phobia.
  • Relationship seems more like a job.
  • You think relationships require a lot of hard work.

Just like a perfect life, prefect relationships are also non-existent. Now that we are clear with the fact that perfect relations are not real we have to give it whatever it takes and it all begins with understanding the other person. People who have troubles with their relation have to run an extra mile to make things fall in place and, if they don’t do it they face the following problems.

Relationship Problems

Ugly Fight

Fights are a part of every relationship. But, when you are in a troubled relationship you star fighting like cats and dogs and the arguments only get uglier. You start calling each other names and use filthy language to belittle each other. There are some relationships in which both the partners can go down to any level to give it back to each other.

The Marriage Phobia

Both or one of you must have a married friend who keeps cribbing about how sorrowful life gets after marriage. However, the fact remains that marriage is a sacred institution in which two people who are in love with each other promise each other to share all the joys and sorrows together. There will be people who will advise you against tying the knot. But, the fact still remains that not all marriages are bad.

Getting Married before their Partner

There are very thick chances that one of you would want to concentrate on your career before tying the knot. And, if you are in a bad relationship the person is going to be in a rush to get married before your relationship hits the expiry date.

Relationship Problems

Fear of Boredom

When you are not happy with a relationship, you may always live in a fear that you may not be able to pull off the spark of the relationship well. Thus, you end up worsening things by spending less time together.

Relationship: A Hard Work

If you are not happy with your partner, you are most likely to treat the relationship as a job. Yes, you may need to compromise a little more than you thought but, relationships are capable of turning your life around in a good way.

Relationship means Expenditure

If you have been letting them use you like an ATM, you are at fault and not them. All successful relationship manage finances and both the partners are self-respecting enough to not to burn a hole in each other's pocket.

Saving your relationship is completely up to the two of you. Deep inside you are sure if you wish to make it or break it.

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