Things to Learn from your Pets

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Feb 03, 2012

Family with petWe can pick up a lot of good traits from our pets. If you pay attention, it would become clear that they have a lot which we can learn to implement in our lives.


What to Learn from Pets

  • Loyalty - Your pets help you when you feel down. They do not care about your employment status or judge you by your social identities. They always welcome you when you come home from work, and bring some sanity in case the day was rough. We should pick up their unconditional love and treat our loved ones in the same manner, without being judgemental.
  • Focus - Has your dog ever tried to multi-task when you throw the ball or disc to be retrieved? Doing the task with undivided attention brings out the best results, and Stanford researchers have expressed their doubts about multi-tasking, stating after research that it makes your memory and attention suffer.
  • Physical activity - Your cat or dog will never get depressed, nor suffer from diabetes, heart attack or obesity. This is because it walks and runs a lot. Walking for even 20 minutes daily has been linked to a lot of health benefits such as fighting depression, lowering breast and colon cancer risks, weight loss, and it also makes your bones stronger and the mind sharper.
  • Learn to relax - Your pets would never frown or get depressed for prolonged lengths of time. Why should you? Pets who have been well cared for are in general quite relaxed. You can help yourself relax by sitting close to them. It helps to bring down the blood pressure too.
  • Forgive and forget - Live in the moment and one aspect of this is to forget what happened in the past. Letting go off old bitterness makes you breathe easier, literally so. On the other hand, holding on to a grudge with anger hampers your normal lung function. People who forgive easily experience lower blood pressure and lesser anxiety.
  • Play for fun - Playing is an essential human need as important as sleeping, says Stuart Brown, MD. Your pets could not agree more! Playing just for fun enhances creativity, social skills and problem solving intelligence. So why not learn from your pets and indulge in some play for sheer fun.
  • Learn new things - It is great to keep learning new skills or trying out new ways of expressing your talent. Enrol for a Yoga class, go surfing or simply read some classics. You may find it troublesome, as it takes you out of your comfort zone, but it is going to be worth it. Dogs would never complain about being too old for learning a new trick! Why should you?


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