These Simple Tips will Help Slow Down the Aging Process

Do you think that fillers and injectables are the only way you can fight anti-aging? No, it isn't. Read the article to find some dietary tips that will help slow down the process of anti-aging. 

Arushi Bidhuri
Skin CareWritten by: Arushi BidhuriPublished at: Aug 09, 2018
These Simple Tips will Help Slow Down the Aging Process

Unfortunately, you can’t stop the aging process and it not a process that happens externally. It is something which happens inside the body, at a microscopic level. There is no magical cure that will rejuvenate the skin once it ages. Slathering your skin with multiple beauty products will not help either. Skin aging is not just related to skin problems; factors such as diet lacking nutrition and stress also contribute to skin-aging. This is the reason for all the dryness,  wrinkles, pigmentation and saggy skin.


If you think that injectables, fillers and other forms of plastic surgeries are the only cure of anti-aging, you are wrong. There are multiple natural ways that can help with anti-aging. Following are some dietary tips that will help rejuvenate your skin and slow down aging: 

Drink Plenty of Water 

Staying hydrated is one of the major factors that contribute to an anti-aging skin routine as drinking a sufficient amount of water regularly, plumps your skin and makes it glow. Drinking plenty of water helps the skin to regulate body temperature through sweating.

Add Protein to your Diet 

The collagen and elastin in the skin weaken as we age, causing wrinkles. The high-protein food contains amino acid that can help mend the harm. It also causes the insulin levels to slow down, which in turn helps stabilise blood sugar levels, keeps cortisol levels in check and reduces stress. Eggs, almonds, oats, meat, fish, tofu, yogurt, and some grains are great options of high-protein food. 

Antioxidant-rich Diet

Too much sun exposure can cause radical damage to our skin, so can the toxins and chemicals we are exposed to in our daily lives. UV rays can cause a number of skin problems including pigmentation, sun spots, reduced skin elasticity, and wrinkles. To curtail the problem, we need to include antioxidant-rich food in our diets such as pumpkin, carrots, kale, and tomatoes that helps protect the skin and prevent early signs of skin-aging. 

Adequate Sleep 

Sleeping is important not only to avoid under-eye dark circles but also to slow down the process of anti-aging. When we sleep, our body repairs and rids itself of toxins that we excrete during the day. Insufficient sleep results in puffy eyes and wrinkles. So, don’t avoid this because you have heard it a multiple times – get 8-10 hours sleep daily. 

Natural Ingredients for the Skin

Skin is the largest organ of our body and it needs extra caring as well. Beauty products may give a great result today but in the long run, they won’t be useful. Do not rely on beauty products for preventing signs of aging, rather use natural ingredients on your face to slow down the process of aging. Products such as aloe-vera, tomatoes, yogurt, gram flour etc. are great for the skin. Applying natural ingredients to your skin will help delay the aging process and keep your skin healthy in the long run.

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