These Lung Disorders may Cause Chest Pain

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Jul 05, 2018
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  • Causes of chest pain could be something very common
  • Sometimes causes of chest pain can be big and complex
  • Chest pains can be symptom of severe lung and heart diseases
  • Treating the cause of chest pain without proper tests can be difficult

A pain felt anywhere near chest area from shoulders till the bottom of the ribs, is a very common symptom of chest pain. Sometimes causes of chest pain could be something very common and sometimes causes of chest pain could be something big and complex and lead to severe lung and heart diseases.

There are times when diagnosing the cause of chest pain without proper tests can be difficult. We are listing out a few disorders that cause chest pain.

Angina causes Chest Pain

Angina is a very common cause of chest pain and is not that severe. Angina is caused when the blood supply is disturbed because of plaque or fatty patches in artery, ultimately narrowing the arteries. Yes, plaque in inner lining of coronary artery can cause the blood flow to slow down and when you are walking or running, the body requires extra blood and oxygen and when the blood flows through the narrow arteries, the heart flows out blood with a sensation of pain.

Gastro-oesophageal Reflux is another Culprit

Heartburn is the common symptom of gastro- oesophageal reflux diseases. A burning sensation emerges from upper abdomen or lower chest and goes towards the neck. Other than this, one can have acid taste in mouth, belching and bloating.  Basically, when acid leaks up from abdomen into oesophagus, the irritation of the lining induced by the reflux of stomach acid is gastro-oesophageal reflux.

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Anxiety also Causes Chest Pain

Anxiety is another common cause of chest pain. If you are feeling tensed, fearful, worried and anxious over some problem, the most common physical symptom would be chest pain. Sometimes this pain can be misconceived as angina.

Peptic Ulcer Can Cause Pain too

Damage to the lining of the abdomen and exposure of primary tissue cause ulcer.. This ulcer can cause pain in upper abdomen, right below the breast bone. Food can make this pain worse and might even wake you up from your sleep.

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