All you Wanted to Know about Therapeutic Touch Therapy

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Feb 18, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Therapeutic touch can balance energy fields for healing.
  • In the therapy hands are moved over the body.
  • The therapy can heal wounds.
  • Pains associated with headaches, burns etc can be relieved.

Therapeutic touch is a form of alternative therapy that uses a practice called "laying on of hands" to correct or balance energy fields for healing. In therapeutic touch the hands are moved over the body.

Therapeutic Touch Benefits

How Does the Therapy Work?

Therapeutic touch considers that the body, mind, and emotions form a complex energy field. Based on this principle therapeutic touch believes that health is an indication of a balanced energy field, and illness represents imbalance. Therapeutic touch has been shown to be effective in healing wounds, reducing pain, and promoting relaxation. Therapeutic touch can relieve pain associated with tension headaches, burns, osteoarthritis, or following surgery. The relaxation provided by therapeutic touch reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels, and improves immune function, bowel functions and breathing.

Conditions Therapeutic Touch can Heal

Along with conventional therapy therapeutic touch can help with many additional conditions, like:

Therapeutic Touch Benefits

•    Fibromyalgia
•    Sleep apnea
•    Restless leg syndrome (a disorder that causes insomnia)
•    Allergies
•    Bronchitis
•    Addictions
•    Lupus
•    Alzheimer's disease and, possibly, other forms of dementia


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