The Sound of a Ticking Clock can Help Women to make Babies

A study on the female reproductive timing has revealed that the sound of a ticking clock can have an effect on women's ability to make babies.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
LatestWritten by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryPublished at: Aug 14, 2014
The Sound of a Ticking Clock can Help Women to make Babies

A new study that was published in Springer's journal Human Nature suggests that listening to your clock ticking could increase the urge to marry and start a family before your childbearing years are over!

women can get pregnant looking at the clock tick awayAstonishing as this may sound, the sound of the ticking clock has the ability to speed up a woman’s reproductive timings, according to the study. By reproductive timing it of course implies on the time frame and the specific years during which a person actually begins to focus their energy and resources towards childbearing.
According to the study co-author Justin Moss from Florida State University, "The very subtle sound prime of a ticking clock changed the timing with which women sought to have children and the traits they sought in potential partners - both central aspects of women's mating-related psychology.”

The researchers have completed two experiments for the study that tested the influence of the subtle environmental factors, such as the ticking of a small clock in your home. It had an effect on the reproductive timing.

The idea is basically to understand the passage of time through the sound of a ticking clock, which can most definitely influence the various aspects of a woman’s reproductive timing. Unfortunately, it is not the same for men.

Co-researcher Jon Maner from Florida State University also said, "The findings suggest that a woman's childhood years can interact with subtle environmental stimuli to affect her reproductive timing during adulthood.”


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