The Concept of Farm to Table and Why it is Considered Healthy

Know about the benefits of farm to table concept where the products come out straight from a local farm

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Healthy DietWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Feb 12, 2020Updated at: Feb 12, 2020
The Concept of Farm to Table and Why it is Considered Healthy

Have you ever thought about the sources of food and vegetables while having your dinner? Your salad could be from all over the world like California or Greece. A widely known concept such as “Farm to Table” that has been growing for years. The food system includes everything from farm to table. It’s a system during which food production, processing, consumption, and distribution are integrated to reinforce the economic, environmental, social and nutritional health of a particular place.

What is Farm to Table?


The Farm to table movement is the products edible to the community such as meat, vegetables, fruits and other ingredients straight from local farms, usually through direct acquisition from a farmer. They get the food that is picked at peak freshness and with flavours and vitamins. But now in a world of processed foods, fast food, and food from lost overseas popularity. But because of the eco-friendly, healthy and simple living, the farm to table movement is making a comeback.

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Health benefits of “farm to table” concept

Betters overall health

The fruits and vegetables are not produced or processed by the use of chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers. It doesn’t contain any elements of toxic chemicals that won’t affect human health in harmful ways. The final food products are safer, healthier because of the use of natural techniques like the use of green manure in pest and disease control work. Healthy food means more nutrition and more health.

The Antioxidant content


According to various scientific studies, antioxidants provide positive effects on overall health. This is because they’re freed from chemicals that react with vitamins, organic compounds, and minerals, lowering the essential positive impacts of antioxidants in food. Since they are natural, they contribute to more intake of nutrition and the antioxidants obtained from these organic foods prevent heart disease, cancer, vision problems, and cognitive malfunction.

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Stronger Immune System

By eating organic products straight from the farm, the immune system is more reliable, and the risk is declined. They have high quality, vitamin and mineral contents that help to strengthen the human immune system.

They are poison-free

The organic products do not have any dangerous chemicals which are used to keep away pests and diseases. The practice is natural and does not harm consumers. No chemical pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and artificial growth hormones are used that make it healthy.

Fewer chances of foodborne illness

You must have known about several cases of food-borne illness outbreaks. The eggs, spinach, apples, melons, and food from fast-food restaurants have topped the list as their production isn’t natural and is centred on agribusiness gains. Few animals are even drugged, vaccinated and ate up animal byproducts to reinforce their productivity so on meet the growing agribusiness demand. This practice causes deadly drug-resistant infections which are acquired by the end consumers when the food products are eaten. Hence, it is always preferred to have organic food.

Keeps the Environment Safe


Since the products grown are organically and naturally, they pose very minimal interference to the environmental resources that support healthy living. The chemical compounds and the use of such fertilizers can harm the environment. These are forbidden in case of “fork to table method”. 

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Consumption of High-Quality Meat and Milk

Organic meat and milk provide high-quality nutrition beneficial for health. The organically produced milk and meat contain higher quality vitamins and minerals and have 60% more omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins compared to non-organic milk.

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