Tackle White Coat Hypertension With These Simple Tips

A lot of people hate going to a doctor, leading to spiked levels while taking routine tests. A lot of these symptoms are primarily because of fear related to the particular surrounding.

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Jul 11, 2019 12:49 IST
Tackle White Coat Hypertension With These Simple Tips

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Do you feel that going to doctor increases your blood pressure levels just like that? It is a common syndrome where people end up having spiked blood sugar levels, and heartbeat while they’re at the doctor. Also known as the white coat affect, the white coat hypertension gets its name from the doctor’s lab coats, which they wear in a professional setting or while checking patients. A blood pressure reading for a healthy patient is around 120/80 mm Hg. However, any increase in these levels is enough to raise the alarm regarding your overall health. However, this particular syndrome may be the reason behind some of the cases like these. 


Diagnosis of White Coat Syndrome 

How to know that your spike levels are just a reason for being at the doctor’s clinic? It may be a little challenging to diagnose this problem. However, if the reading is high for the first time, the doctor will take BP reading again after telling the patient to relax a little. Also, the doctor may even ask a person to come back again after a few weeks. Those suffering from white coat hypertension may still have spiked levels. For such cases, doctors may prescribe the patient to wear an ambulatory blood pressure monitor for 1-2 days to measure the correct blood pressure levels. This device helps in recoding BP levels throughout the day, ascertaining the right levels in the body.

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Tackle White Coat Hypertension 

Following these simple tips may reduce your anxiety and blood sugar levels while at the doctors to control the white coat syndrome: 

Relax and recover: The best way to counter this problem is to relax. If you are worried regarding your visit to the doctor who will be measuring your blood sugar levels, request the doctor to wait and give you some time to get used to the surroundings. Strike a conversation with the doctor to get comfortable. Wait for some time to ensure that you are relaxed and comfortable. 

Move to a different zone: If the crowded doctor's room is a problem for you, then talk to your doctor about changing the surrounding before checking the BP. Ask for a quieter area where there fewer people, nurses and other hospital staff. Changing the room can significantly help in countering white coat hypertension in several patients. 

Practice Meditation and Self Relief: Every individual has a different way of countering stress in various situations. Find your way to stay calm while going in for a check-up. Practice meditation or even deep breathing exercises for maximum results. Take a few deep breaths before the doctor starts taking the blood pressure levels. For many, listening to music or reading a poem also helps in reducing stress levels. Be upfront to your doctor about such problems, if aware. The doctor can also help in making you calm before taking the blood pressure readings. 

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Strike a Conversation and change the topic: Talk to your doctor about other things rather than your medical problems for accurate blood pressure readings. At times, changing the subject can take your mind off from the test. For many, staying quiet helps in relaxation. Different individuals may have different ways of relaxation. Know what calms your mind and follow the same. 

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