Tackle binging gorge on healthy food

By  ,  Dainik Jagran
Jul 19, 2011

Man eating food

Have you ever had the urge to grab a bite when you felt depressed or low or munching away something when you had nothing to do or for that matter just keep on eating junk at regular intervals even if you might not be hungry?


Well, you may have the need to seek medical advice as none of these symptoms is healthy. In other words, you may be suffering from a binge eating problem, or compulsive eating disorder as is known in medical terminology.


Needless to say, overeating harms your body in immeasurable proportions. This gorging tendency does surface in everybody occasionally, but if it becomes a habit, it's called binge-eating or just binging.


The problem


Before suggesting a solution to this disorder, it's equally essential to know its causes and effects.


Binge eating has its roots in a person's psychology and lifestyle. And nowadays, this propensity has largely been noticed in urban milieu, especially in adolescents and adults. The psychology behind this kind of behaviour of such people being they feel highly misunderstood, guilty, sad or angry about something.


Their lifestyle is basically stressed out where they don't have a single second to pause and have a look around themselves to appreciate things present around. In some cases, this disorder might be a resultant effect of a habit inculcated at childhood. In order to suppress their unhappiness or a negative self-image, people tend to indulge in food.
It gives them a filling sensation - filling the emotional void created by negative feelings. The end result of binge eating is pretty clear. The person ends up putting on some extra kilos with the guilt of eating more and this vicious circle continues.


As Jigisha Singh says, "Due to a failed career and a piling heap of negative feelings, I started eating more as it satiated my negative emotion to a level. Every time I felt extremely low, I grabbed a bite of a chocolate, biscuits, bread and whatever came into my hand, however unhealthy it might be."


The solution


Dr Mini Sharma, dietician, Fortis Hospital, Vasant Kunj, suggests, "Binge-eating arises out of psychological problems, mainly stress. To cure this problem I advise such people to choose intelligent eating options - something nourishing such as salads, vegetable stuffed sandwiches, foods rich in protein, dhoklas and lots of fluids. This sort of food fills up their stomach at the same time fluids help to control that extra eating urge. When the urge to eat is really strong, one should avoid oily and junk food that harms the body the most."


There are other numerous ways to overeat in a healthy way and in a way that nourishes your body. Snack on healthy food such as yogurt, popcorn, sprouted pulses, fruit salad or fruit chat. Then, there can be no alternative to fresh fruits. They are the most refreshing and healthy means to indulge in. Fruits will give you your fill and at the same time energise you and make you feel good. Including lots of vegetable and vegetable salads in your diet also help control hunger pangs. Binge-eaters should keep on having small portions of such snacks in between their meals.


Binge-eating isn't a good habit and it should be tackled as soon as possible. So, do enjoy yourself, binging like a glutton, snacking on nourishing food when you feel that urge within. But then do delve in a little deeper to correct and work upon its causes too. It will surely help you more to look good and feel great.


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