Symptoms of Progressive Diabetes

Diabetes Symptoms - Progressive or Type 1 diabetes is the stepping stone to serious diabetic conditions. Find out if you have ever observed any of these symptoms of Type I diabetes.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
DiabetesWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Jan 09, 2012
Symptoms of Progressive Diabetes

Progressive or Type-1 diabetes is a medical condition that can be easily managed upon diagnosis. If it is recognized in its infancy, a doctor can aid in its treatment and thereby, help a person live a long and healthy life. Some of the common symptoms of progressive diabetes are:

Increased thirst and urination

The increase urge to drink water is one of the major symptoms of progressive diabetes. Increased frequency of thirst will increase the frequency of urination; this is because the extra blood sugar in the body takes the much needed fluids from the body’s tissue. The kidneys work to pull the sugar and filter it by way of urination.


Increase in hunger and decrease in weight

The insulin in the body is not sufficient enough to get the sugar to the body cells and therefore, a diabetic loses energy easily. The lack of necessary insulin to generate energy in the body deprives the muscles and other organs of the body off energy that is required for their functioning. You may feel hungry more often than earlier, despite of fulfilling of which you will witness a loss in weight.



Considering that the lack of insulin extracts all the energy from the muscles and the organs of the body, it leaves the individual fatigued most of the time. Frequent urination also causes the body to become fatigued because urination drains away all the water that is there in the body, thereby leaving the individual dehydrated.


Vision problems

High amount of blood sugar drains all the fluid from different body tissues. The lenses of the eyes are also a part of these body tissues. Diabetics experience blurry vision or problems in focusing. If not taken care of adequately, vision problems in diabetes can even lead to an absolute loss of vision.


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