Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer Recurrence

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Nov 10, 2011

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Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer Recurrence

Ovarian cancer is a form of cancer that is curable, but it often reoccurs. However, if it is detected at an early stage and a proper treatment is given, the chances of its reoccurrence reduce. Therefore, it is important to study its symptoms very carefully. The following are the symptoms of ovarian cancer recurrence. If you see any of these, you must get yourself examined as soon as possible.


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  • Pain: If you feel any sort of pain or uneasiness in the lower back and in the pelvic region, it may be a sign of recurrence of ovarian cancer. In some cases this pain can be very acute and even unbearable. Apart from acute pain, throbbing and pulsating sensation of discomfort may also be experienced
  • Loss of appetite: Most of the women experience a noticeable loss of appetite which results in a change in their eating habits. Generally, women do not eat as much as they used to eat and start to feel full after having very little food.
  • Loss of energy: As the eating habits of women change, they also start experiencing a decline in their energy level. Feeling of fatigue and weakness takes over them.
  • Unstable body weight: Many women undergo drastic weight changes without any explained reason. They may either lose weight or gain weight. However, sometimes weight loss can be attributed to their loss of appetite.
  • Changes in urination habits: Sudden changes in women’s urination habits works as an alarm bell for those who have previously suffered from ovarian cancer. If the pressure on your urinary bladder increases more than usual, you urinate more frequently, or if the amount of urine being passed increases, then it is better to get yourself checked.
  • Vaginal bleeding: It is the most dangerous sign that should not be ignored at any cost. Apart from being a symptom of ovarian cancer recurrence, it may also signal various serious diseases. If you experience continuous vaginal bleeding which is similar to menstruation, it is advisable to see a doctor.
  • Bloating: Almost all women experience bloating during their menstruation. However, if you constantly get this feeling without menstruation, the problem needs to be addressed instantly as it may be a symptom of ovarian cancer recurrence.

Recurrence of ovarian cancer can be classified in three different types on the basis of the time period of recurrence: recurrence during or immediately after the treatment, recurrence within six months of the treatment and recurrence after six months of the treatment. The symptoms also vary depending upon the type of recurrence. Therefore, in order to avoid its recurrence, it is important to pay attention to these symptoms and get it treated properly.  


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