Omicron Variant Of COVID-19 Symptoms: Here’s What Doctor From South Africa Says

New Omicron COVID strain has again caused panic among people. Here are some symptoms of Omicron variant you should know.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 30, 2021 14:40 IST
Omicron Variant Of COVID-19 Symptoms: Here’s What Doctor From South Africa Says

Corona virus has created panic among people all over the world. A new strain of corona virus comes with new challenges which affect numerous people. After delta variant which took several thousands of lives, another variant has been discovered which is known as “variant of concern”. Variant of concern which is actually known as omicron strain of COVID-19 has put the world under pressure once again. There have been cases piled up again that bring chills down people’s spine. This variant has originated from South Africa majorly and is affecting numerous people there; a doctor looking after those patients has shared some valuable insights about omicron strain of corona virus.

What are the Symptoms for Omicron Virus?

There was an observation made by Dr. Angelique Coetzee, chair of South African Medical Association on omicron virus. She had 30 patients suffering from COVID-19 variant of concern on whom she was looking after. She observed that most of the patients infected with omicron variant of corona virus showed rare symptoms which were not known till now. People getting infected with omicron variant have reported to extreme tiredness, most of the other symptoms are new to list of COVID-19, but this was common among all the patients. 


The Pretoria based doctor said that she has observed that this new strain of corona virus has these symptoms which were common in most of her patients.

  • Having mild pain in muscles
  • Scratchy throat
  • Dry cough
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Slight or no fever

All these people being infected with omicron variant of corona virus did not have their vaccination but symptoms remained mild. So it may be possible that the rate of infection is higher than delta variant but severity may not be as worst as delta variant. Dr. Angelique added that this does not mean that severity in cases cannot occur but according to observation on these patients, the symptoms remain mild as of now.

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Observation on Omicron Variant

Dr. Coetzee said that the symptoms of this particular variant are quite different from other variants. She also said that there is a hype about this omicron variant and its quite unfortunate because most of patients she looks after have mild symptoms which does not seem to be life-threatening as of now. It is possible that omicron variant may have multiple mutations and hence it becomes threatening but there is still a lot which is unknown.


South African doctor has raised concern about the growing number of cases of corona virus yet again. She says that we might see rise in cases because of this variant, hence people should remain aware of it as much as possible.

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Variant of Concern- COVID-19

World Health Organization has categorized this omicron strain of corona virus as Variant of concern. India has also put under this category of threat. The restriction of air travel and COVID-19 restrictions have increased over past few days. Quarantine rules have been tightened and health authorities are looking up in this matter with strict observation.

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