Swine Flu cases on the rise

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Apr 13, 2011

Swine Flu casesSecond wave of swine flu has already taken a massive toll in India. Nearly 246 human lives have already been consumed by H1N1 virus since May this year.

Highest number of swine flu deaths i.e. 58 cases were reported last week and 629 people have tested positive for the H1N1.

As per the Health ministry highest number of deaths were reported – 35 and 10 from Maharashtra and Kerala respectively, six from Gujarat, three from Andhra Pradesh and one each from West Bengal and capital city, Delhi.

Pathologia Lona Mohapatara, Head of laboratory services at Rockland Hospital says, “Those suffering from TB, or those undergoing chemotherapy, or people who are HIV positive are immuno compromised and therefore are more likely to catch the virus. So, they should be more cautious and maintain proper hygiene.”


Swine flu Spreading to newer areas


Dr. Mohopatra adds “It is correct because people are always on the move. Coming in contact with uninfected person means transmission of the virus.”

Ministry of Health officials have reportedly stated their concern and attributed the rise in number of cases to the monsoons. Apparently, moisture is a breeding ground for virus and hence increasing cases of swine flu. You can prevent swine flu from spreading by:

  • Washing your hands with anti-septic soaps or alcohol based hand sanitizers.
  • Cover your nose and mouth while sneezing.
  • Stay away from people with fever.
  • Avoid going to crowded places.
  • Don’t go to school or work if sick and consult a doctor on noticing any symptoms of flu.


H1N1 declared over

World Health Organization today downgraded H1N1 from pandemic status on its six-stage alert system.

"The new H1N1 virus has largely run its course," WHO's director general, said in a statement. "We expect the H1N1 virus to take on the behavior of a seasonal influenza virus and continue to circulate for some years to come."

Dr. Mohopatra declares “H1N1 isn’t pandemic anymore, research is being conducted but there is no need to be alarmed.”

On expressing concern over whether the second wave is going to take a huge toll Dr. Mohopatra offers relief and says “people now are more aware of symptoms and even on catching common cold they rush to get tests done.”


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