Swine Flu and Asthma Complications

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Apr 05, 2011

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People with asthma are more vulnerable to swine flu. Since swine flu is a respiratory disease it is more common in the people with asthma than the ones who are not  asthmatic. It is evident from various researches that asthma complications are one of the main underlying medical conditions among the patients of Swine flu. About 31% of patients require hospitalisation for asthma has symptoms of H1N1.

Swine flu is a typical respiratory illness that spreads by touching the contaminated surface and breathing in swine influenza present in the air droplets. Swine flu is transmitted by human to human contact and infects the cells of nose, mouth and throat before the symptoms surface.

According to Fellow of the American Academy of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (FAAAAI), swine influenza generally attacks the respiratory track. If you suffer from chronic respiratory disease such as asthma it can be exacerbated by swine flu. Asthma patients need to be more cautious about the basic facts of swine influenza. 

When an asthma patient suspects that he is exposed to swine flu influenza he must immediately get vaccination under medical supervision. Besides reducing the chance of infection at the initial stage they can minimize the severity of illness if not able to prevent. 

According to Dr. Casale, vice president of AAAAI, people with asthma need to be aware to the fact that they are at high risk of H1N1. Cascale also advice that key to combat swine flu is to be attentive to its symptoms and catch them at an early stage. Reason being that the available antiviral drugs for Swine flu is not effective when administered after 48 hours of disease onset.




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