Success rate of IVF can be doubled

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Dec 23, 2013

According to researchers in the UK, mapping the genetic code of fertilised eggs can easily double the success rate of IVF. The screening method helps to detect healthy embryos that can help in raising the success of IVF to 60 percent or more.

IVFIn in-vitro fertilisation, a woman’s egg is joined with a man’s sperm in a lab dish, later transferring the embryos into the womb of the mother. To maximise the success rate of IVF, several screening procedures can be used to pick the healthiest ones for implantation by fertility clinics. Such an approach removes cells from the growing embryo, thus preventing a lot of genetic problems from not being picked.

The new method which was studied in 70 fertilised eggs from volunteer egg donors was based on removing the left-over fragments of cells that are also called polar bodies from the developing embryo and analysing the full genetic code. The lead author of the study, Jie Qiao of Third Hospital, Peking University, said that if the screening works, the rate of test tube babies can be doubled from 30 percent to 60 percent or even more.


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