Stilettos can harm Pregnancy

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Jun 20, 2011

Woman with StilettosSo you believe that wearing your favourite pair of towering heels will cause you no harm during pregnancy? We say, think again. It has been revealed that stilettos can actually take a toll on your pregnancy, put both your unborn child and you at a high risk.


Stilettos are pointed heels that make your feet stay in an upright position. They put a lot of pressure on your back and buttock muscles. Women often complain of excruciating pain in their feet and back after wearing high heels for a prolonged period of time. These conditions become even more severe during pregnancy. A pregnant woman’s body has to adjust to the increasing body weight and the pressure put by the growing stomach on the pelvic muscles and the back. Swelling of feet and hands is a common symptom of pregnancy. Therefore, wearing stilettos, platform heels and high heeled pumps should be a strict no, no for pregnant women.


The trend of wearing high heels even during the advanced stages of pregnancy has been set by fashionistas and leading ladies in popular movies. Icons such as Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez have been extensively photographed wearing towering heels during their pregnancy. However, experts warn that wearing stilettos during pregnancy significantly increases one’s chances of falling because of the shift in the balance of women and also because the body muscles tend to become lax during pregnancy.


Despite our warning if you have to absolutely wear those high heeled beauties then carry another pair of comfortable and importantly flat shoes with you so that you can change into them when your feet or back start hurting. Also remember not to abuse your feet and wear stilettos for a maximum of two hours in a day to ensure the safety of you and your little angel!



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