Start Your Day With These 2 Yoga Asanas For Better Blood Circulation

Make your morning fresh by indulging in some yoga. It does not just keep you fit but is also a natural medicine to several health concern

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikUpdated at: Feb 28, 2020 08:51 IST
Start Your Day With These 2 Yoga Asanas For Better Blood Circulation

Proper circulation of blood is necessary for the whole body to function correctly. Due to this, all the organs of your body can function properly, keeping the body temperature in control. One can become prone to various diseases and health ailments if the blood circulation is not smooth due to which, organs like heart, liver, kidney and brain can also get damaged. This is one condition, which can happen irrespective of age and gender. Hence, there are several ways to keep blood circulation proper. There can be many reasons for poor blood circulation (more or less), such as prolonged sitting, smoking, unhealthy eating and weight gain. To counter this, one can undoubtedly rely on yoga, which is a medium that can cure diseases and keep the body healthy.

So, kickstart your day with these soothing yoga asanas, which are also great for enhancing the blood circulation in the body:


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This yoga posture is excellent to start your day for better health. It stretches all the body muscles. Also, it increases blood flow to the nervous system. Hence, doing this asana in the morning will help you get rid of fatigue as it works on almost each and every muscle, giving you the needed relaxation that you require in the morning. Here's how to perform this asana:

    • Stand straight in attention position with the feet adequately placed on the ground.
    • Keep your bodyweight equally on both feet.
    • Breathe in and move your hands over the head.
    • Exhale while bending forward towards the feet.
    • Stay in this position for 20 seconds and take deep breaths
    • Keep your legs and spine straight, place your hands on the ground next to the toes or can also be placed on the feet.
    • While exhaling, move your chest towards the knees, raise the buttocks and tailbone as you can. Press the ankles down, rest the head in this position and relax.

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Adho Mukha Shavasana

Also known as the downward dog position, this asana gives energy to the body and refreshes you. The adho mukha shavasana is beneficial for the spine by making it more flexible by strengthening the muscles of the chest and lung capacity. Also, it strengthens the muscles and increases blood circulation in the brain. Here's how this asana is performed:


  • Come on your hands and feet. Bring the body to the position of a table. Your back should be like the top of the table, and both arms and legs are like the legs of the table.
  • Exhale, lift the waist and try to keep your knees and elbows straight.
  • Hands should be as far as possible from the shoulders. The feet should be equal to the distance of the waist and parallel to each other.
  • Press your palms to the ground, strengthen. Dunk your neck and touch your ears with your arms.
  • Take long deep breaths, remain in the same table-position and place your concentration towards your navel.
  • Exhale and get back to standing position.

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