Stand at Work to Lose Weight

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Jan 11, 2013

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Stand at work to lose weight

According to researchers from the Chester University, standing for an extra three hours at work every day can burn 3.6 kg every year, thereby making them healthier than their peers who stick to their desks all day. Exercise scientist from the university, John Buckley, said that there is no need for one to sit down so much in the office and that even the sluggish people push their chairs away during the day.


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Several scientists had previously pointed out that the reason why many people are overweight presently is because they spend a lot of time sitting on their seat.


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Buckley suggested that if people stood up more to work than sit, there would be fewer numbers of obese people and the circulation of blood in their body would also increase. He claimed that standing for a minimum of 3 hours every day will burn 144 calories.

Experts on exercises said that if people made slight changes at their workplace, they could make long-term improvements to their health.


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