Spring Allergies Strike Early This Year

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Feb 21, 2012

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Spring allergies

Spring is considered as a season of greenery. This is also the time of developing numerous allergies ranging from skin allergy to other severe allergies. It is that time of the year where winter ends and summer starts.

According to Stanley M. Fineman, President of the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology, in general February is the season of developing sore throat, cough and cold due to weather change, but this year these symptoms have developed due to allergy reactions.

Allergist Gregory W. Bensch states that occurrence of mild to severe allergies due to pollen is quite common during the first week of March. These allergies are also called Spring Allergies. Onset of spring allergies early this year has taken the researchers and doctors by surprise.

Most of the doctors believed that early development of allergies may be due to the rise in temperature early this year. This rise in temperature has affected our environment as well as our ecosystem. This has caused early arrival of spring season resulting in early flowering of the plants and finally release of the pollens in air. As the temperature keeps on increasing, amount of pollens also increases in air. Hence, the sensitivity of the people towards pollen also increases.

These spring allergies can result in running nose, itching, skin irritation and other symptoms, which cause redness and swelling of eyes. These allergies should be treated properly to avoid any severe consequences.  The only way to avoid these spring allergies is to be careful and keep away from pollen.

People who are prone to allergies should cover their mouth and nose while they are out, and they should wear glasses to protect their eyes and keep the doors and windows closed when inside. By following a few simple steps one can easily survive the spring allergies.



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