Spice up Your Smoothies with Cinnamon Nutrition

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May 31, 2012

Spice up Your Smoothies with Cinnamon Nutrition

Small amount of cinnamon in smoothie renders several health benefits. Cinnamon nutrition has been evolving over the years, and is gaining acceptance as a supplement around the globe. The supplement is inexpensive, safe accompanied with numerous health benefits. Cinnamon nutrition or cinnamon supplement is often confused with cinnamon capsules.

Smoothies are a healthy drink, which can be prepared using yoghurt, dairy or soy-milk, fruit, fibre and protein additives. These can complete every day meal requirements by simple combination of various items that can be treated together for drinking.

Smoothies with Cinnamon Nutrition

The requirement of cinnamon on a daily basis is significantly low, as only 3 grams a day is a sufficient amount. In a smoothie too, half-a-teaspoon of cinnamon is considered enough. Cinnamon is usually added before blending all the smootie ingredients in order to maximise aroma and flavour. However, you can sprinkle cinnamon on top of the smoothie as a garnish to give it a nutty flavour.
Benefits of Cinnamon Nutrition

  • Cinnamon is best-known for treatment and prevention of insulin resistance of fats cells, which help their insulin receptors to become more responsive.
  • The nutritional supplement improves glucose metabolism in fat cells.
  • As a result of balanced blood sugar level, one’s appetite also becomes controlled.
  • Insulin level in check and your blood sugar levels in the healthy range, you are in a better position to follow any natural weight loss plan.

Instructions for Preparing a Healthy Smoothie

  • Non- or low-fat products should be the ingredients to prepare a healthy smoothie.
  • Organic brands should be picked for smoothie preparation.
  • Sugars or preservatives don’t render health benefits.
  • Common vegetables can also be blended to prepare the smoothie, especially beets, carrots, spinach and cucumber.
  • Fruit provides sweetness in the smoothie, therefore choose your fruits accordingly. Bananas, berries, apples and oranges are considered best to form tasty flavours.
  • Mango, watermelon, cantaloupe, pineapples, peaches and cherrie smoothies can be tried during summer season.
  • Supplemental proteins or green powders, wheat germ, wheat bran or nutritional yeast can also be added to the smoothie.
  • Fresh lemon gives fresh flavour and aroma to the smoothies.
  • Spices can also be added to the smoothies as they give kick to the healthy drink.
  • Cottage cheese can also be added to the healthy drink which powers it with protein, which can also be a great meal replacement.


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