Spa Treatments in Winter

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Jul 07, 2011

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Spa Treatments in Winter

Rescue your skin from the extreme winter dryness. Many spa salons provide a comforting treatment to the skin and help it regain softness from a flaky skin. Occasional spa treatments can be followed during the winters for that soft and supple skin.


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Frequent winter spa treatments generally intend to revitalise the skin and simultaneously promote a relaxation for the mind. A typical spa treatment would include relaxing massages with oils, hot stones and pastes with sombre music being played on the background.

The harshness of winter does take away the natural moisture present in the skin making it flaky, itchy and dry. This is precisely why the skin experiences a change in terms of losing tightness thereby showing fine lines of ageing. Also, due to lack of sunlight, the skin is totally cut-off from the natural supply of vitamin D. At such times, opting for a spa session can relieve your skin from seasonal agony and drive the winter blues away.


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Common winter spa treatments offer some of the most relaxing and invigorating services available in the lifestyle and beauty market. One must understand that spa treatments not only benefit the skin but also helps in promoting the blood flow in all the parts of the skin cells. Such stimulation is necessary as several pressure points in the body need to undergo an external stimulation in the form of a massage to allow smooth blood circulation constant. Spa treatments often begin with a massage which stimulates the skin and promotes healthy blood flow. The massage is followed by a scrubbing session that removes the dead skin cells out of the body leaving the skin exfoliated and clean. Then, a personalised facial using cleansers and moisturisers, clay or juices that contain plant extracts and skin protecting elements sourced from the nature. Depending on the packages you have chosen, many spa salons offer hydrating body wraps which soothe the skin immensely. Spas do offer flexibility and give you a customised skin treatment depending on your mood, skin conditions and budget.

So, go ahead and let your skin breathe this winter.


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