Social Circle Influence Weight

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Jul 24, 2012

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Social Circle Influence Weight

Researchers from Loyola University in Chicago found a link between social circles and obesity. The study suggests that if one has leaner friends, he/she is more likely to either slim down, or gain weight at a slowly. Conversely, one is more likely to gain weight if his/her friends are obese.

The BMI index of students from Jefferson High School and Sunshine High was examined by the researchers. The survey found that if one had leaner friends, the chance of BMI to drop in future was 40 percent. Alternatively, if a student had heavier friends, he had 56 percent chance of increasing BMI index.

According to Dr. David Shoham, head of the research panel, the study was conducted to figure out the reason of obesity being related to social circles. Shoham was certain that findings could help develop intervention to treat obesity.

The detailed study was published in the journal PLoS ONE.


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