Small precautions can help avoid common cold

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Jan 18, 2011

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Man suffering from coldAre you feeling the changes in the weather or reporting sick at work or in college? Blame it on the slight nip in the air; people are visiting their doctors more often with symptoms of common cold and winter allergies.


We talk to Dr Mamta on what precautions could be taken to prepare your body to fight the seasonal illness.


Dr Mamta says, "In most cases, we can avoid falling sick with some precautions. Those with sinusitis problem should avoid going for morning walks as there is more moisture in the air at that time. Since common cold is air-borne disease, I would ask the infected persons to wear masks to prevent spreading the virus. Washing hands also helps a lot. Also if you are prone to colds, try to avoid crowded places."


She added, "As for food, I would advise people to completely avoid cold items like ice creams and oily bakery items. People should have their food hot as much as possible."
Here are some of the simple things you can do to avoid falling sick.


Washing hands often always help to ward off common cold virus as it prevents transmission of colds. Make it a habit to wash your hands after coming from markets, gyms or buses. Public places are breeding grounds for cold virus. Women can carry a small tube of hand sanitiser or sanitising hand wipes when going out of the home. If you have small children, make them understand the importance of hand washing.


Try to avoid people with common cold symptoms as much as possible. If you already got one, just avoid office or college. Or else, you will be spreading the virus and making other people sick also. Don't touch your face area, especially the nose, mouth, and eyes after touching surfaces in a public area.


If someone in your home has got common cold, then you need to be extra cautious so that the virus does not spread to other members. Never share cups, plates or glasses with the person having a cold. Keep an eye on the young ones as they tend to drink from other people's cups.


It always helps to keep your surroundings spic and span. The problem areas where virus can breed are door knobs, drawer pulls, keyboards, light switches, telephones, remote controls, countertops and sinks. Try to clean these with a disinfectant solution. If your family members are ill, try to wash all his/her items in a mild Dettol solution. Wash your kids' stuffed toys and wipe other play items. Stuffed toys are notorious breeding ground for germs.


Avoid keeping wet clothes in bathroom and kitchen as germs strive on wet cloth towels. Use separate towels for each family member.


Dump used tissues in dustbin only. The virus can spread easily from used tissues.


It is important to build your immune system to fight the disease. We should always maintain a healthy lifestyle. Nutritious food coupled with physical exercise goes a long way to build a strong immune system. Not smoking also helps as smokers are more vulnerable to colds.



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