Sleep Disturbance linked to Cancer Development

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Dec 05, 2014

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According to a recent study, the disruption of the sleep cycle might lead to the development of cancer.

sleep and cancerA study by Virginia Tech biologists claims that the benefits of a good night’s sleep include preventing cancer. The research provides insight into the influence of the body’s internal clock on cancer development.

The study found that a molecule involved in regulating the circadian clock is modified when there is disruption in sleep. This affects another protein which is a tumour suppressor and can lead to uncontrolled cell division. The study found that hPer2 (a protein that regulates the sleep cycle) is associated with protection against cancer. When sleep cycle is modified, hPer2 changes in function, and this might lead to cancer.

Over the years, researchers have studied the association between circadian rhythms and cancer development, particularly breast cancer, in women who work night shifts such as nurses and flight attendants. Now they are closely working with patients to identify those who may be at risk for cancer because of the changes in circadian rhythm.




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