5 Things You Should Do If You Shower A Lot, According To a Dermatologist

If you shower multiple times a day, here are some tips that you should exercise to prevent skin damage.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jun 25, 2022Updated at: Jun 25, 2022
5 Things You Should Do If You Shower A Lot, According To a Dermatologist

Bathing daily is a good habit but some people shower multiple times a day. Excess of anything is bad. While it is a healthy habit to keep oneself clean, it is not safe for your skin. The most sensitive part of the body is your skin that can easily get affected with your actions. If you shower a lot(more than 7 times a week) and use soap or cleanser or any shower gel every time, it might damage your skin. Over-showering can strip off natural oils that damage the protective layer and makes your skin prone to infection and damage.

How much showering is too much?

As per expert, there is no definite number as such. For some people, showering 10 times a week is okay but for others like those having existing skin issues, showering more than 5 times a week could be damaging. For better clarity, you can speak with a doctor to find out how much shower is suitable for your skin type. 

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What happens to your skin if you shower too much?

Our skin has a protective layer that keeps it safe from bacteria, germs and dryness. While showering once a day keeps the skin clean and eliminates dead skin cells, showering often or multiple times a day can have a negative impact. If you use a soap or shower gel every time, the risk increases by two fold. This makes your skin dry, itchy, irritated and prone to skin infections. You might get allergic reactions and infections due to showering too much.

In another stance, cleaning the body too much scrubs away good bacteria and germs that act as antibodies to protect the skin. Using antibacterial soaps would eliminate these good microorganisms that increase chances of skin infections.

Skin care tips if you shower a lot

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Keep your showers short

If you are habitual of showering too much, reduce the duration of your shower. For example, if you shower 30 minutes daily, cut it short to 15 minutes. The shorter your skin is exposed to water, the lesser risk of skin problems would be there.

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Avoid hot showers

If you shower a lot, do not use hot water to reduce the risk as much as possible. Hot water strips off natural oils and makes your skin extremely dry and flaky. While this is not an issue in summers but you must ensure using lukewarm or normal temperature water during winters for bathing. Also, did you know the benefits of cool showers? Well, Dr. Dadu explains that cold water increases blood circulation that promotes skin health. It prevents dryness, itchiness, inflammation and open pores. But, do not spend more than 15 minutes in shower, as mentioned in the previous point.

Use a gentle bathing soap

Skin care tips if you shower a lot

Whether you use a soap or bathing liquid or body cleanser, prefer natural over chemical-based when you shower a lot. It is better to avoid soaps and use just water after the first shower. Use a gentle or milk-based moisturizing soap to keep the skin soft and moisturized. This would lessen skin problems that excessive showers can cause.

Pat dry your body

Do not rub towel against the skin to dry. This causes friction that triggers irritation and strips off water from the body. Pat dry your body to clean only excess water and retain needful moisture. It is better to wear a bathrobe after shower to let the skin dry out naturally.

Apply a good body moisturizer

This step is a must if you want your skin to remain soft, supple and moisturized. Apply a hydrating body lotion or body oil generously to lock the moisture and let your skin remain healthy.

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