Simple Tongue Test can reveal 14 distinct Diseases

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Dec 08, 2014

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When we are unwell and visit doctor, the first thing he asks is ‘stick out your tongue’ which is the first parts of a physical examination. Now, a new tongue diagnostic system may reveal many distinct diseases at a glance.

tongue testThe “tongue test system” is developed at the Department of Information Technology, Rajalakshmi Engineering College, in Chennai. According to those involved in the study, looking at the tongue’s texture and condition can reveal about 14 conditions related to diseases within the body can be diagnosed. The test will make the diagnosis of disease much cheaper and reachable to even rural areas in the country.

The images of the patient's tongue can reveal discolouration, engorgement and texture to determine illness. Smoothness and "beefiness" might reveal vitamin B12, iron, or folate deficiency, and anaemia.

The automated diagnostic will identify any of the various illnesses –
 common cold, flu, bronchitis, streptococcal throat infection, sinusitis, allergies, asthma, pulmonary edema, food poisoning and diverticulitis.

The research is published in the International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Technology.




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