Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes in Senior Citizens

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Jan 03, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • Vision problems are the most common symptom of diabetes.
  • It is important to seek medical help at the first suspected sign of diabetes.
  • Hearing loss is a common symptom of ageing and diabetes.
  • If there is any difficult in moving around, the problem could be diabetes.

Diabetes is a type of autoimmune disease that in some individuals just does not show any signs until much later. A big problem with diabetes in seniors is that the signs that they go through are similar to those of other medical problems that are inevitable in old age.

If you think that someone in your family has some of the typical signs of diabetes like loss of vision or frequent desire to drink water, check with these signs and symptoms of diabetes in senior citizens.

Symptoms of diabetes in seniors
Significant markers of diabetes in elderly pertain to low and high blood sugar.
Low blood pressure carries with it the following symptoms:
•    Feeling nervous
•    Cold shivers
•    Inefficient nerve-brain function
•    Nausea and pain in the stomach
•    Irritability
•    Losing consciousness

High blood pressure may be characterised by:
•    Increase in the frequency of urination, thirst and hunger
•    Weight loss
•    Fatigue
•    A sweet odour when the person breathes
•    Anxiety, confusion


Problems with the Vision

As far as diabetics are concerned, there are lots of issues that crop up as a result of their medical condition. When it affects elders, it may mimic the normal signs of ageing and thus, appear as normal a process as ageing itself. If the blood pressure is not managed on time or if there is prolonged high or low blood sugar in the body, the blood vessels present in the retina of the patient may damage. When diabetes is confirmed early on with the help of tests and diagnostics, even the most severe eye problems may be cured.

Problems with Hearing

Hearing loss is a medical problem that is twice as prevalent among the seniors as it is with diabetics. Glucose levels that remain unattended to for a really long time damage the small blood vessels as well as nerves that are present inside the ear. As far as statistics stand, seniors are the most commonly affected patients suffering from diabetes-related hearing loss. A person who has had diabetes for a long time or someone who does not control his/her condition is at a high risk.

Difficulty in Mobilising

Arthritis and other such bone problems can make a senior immobile and so can diabetes. This is especially true for those patients who have developed neuropathy or nerve damage in their feet. Not having complete sensation in the feet is a prominent sign of diabetes in seniors.

The elderly must be taken to a doctor and have his/her blood sugar levels checked at the early signs of the disease to prevent any further damage or complication.


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