Micropenis: Signs, Identification And Treatment Options

A penis that measures less than 0.75 inches when gently stretched is the most prevalent sign of micropenis in newborns.

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Micropenis: Signs, Identification And Treatment Options

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The term "micropenis" refers to a penis with a normal structure but small in size. This disorder can be brought on by hormonal or hereditary reasons. From birth to early childhood, healthcare providers frequently observe the syndrome. A micropenis can work regularly as long as there are no underlying health issues. People with a micropenis can still pee and have erections.

What are the signs and symptoms of micropenis

A penis that measures less than 0.75 inches when gently stretched is the most prevalent sign of micropenis in newborns. In adults, micropenis measures 3.67 inches or less when gently stretched. Micropenis can occur naturally, but it is frequently associated with other health issues caused by hormone imbalances or congenital (existing at birth) illnesses. The symptoms your child experiences will be determined by the cause of the micropenis. Although some people with micropenises may have a decreased sperm count, this is not always the case.

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What Is The Cause Of A Micropenis

Micropenis is typically caused by foetal testosterone insufficiency, which can originate from a number of disorders such as Prader-Willi syndrome, Kallman syndrome, or, more commonly, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. When your hypothalamus (the region of your brain that governs your autonomic nervous system and pituitary gland) does not secrete the hormones that trigger your testicles to create testosterone, you have hypogonadotropic hypogonadism. This procedure is required for appropriate maturation and reproduction.

How Micropenis Can Be Identified

A physical examination by your healthcare professional can be used to diagnose micropenis. They will gently stretch and measure your penis. The figure is then compared to the size range of your age group. Having a micropenis can cause potential problems. Because the penis might be so tiny, penetration can be difficult. Then the implantation of semen far enough into the vagina is limited.

Treatment Options For Micropenis

Micropenis treatment can benefit people of all ages. However, if a healthcare provider diagnoses and treats the disease in infancy, the odds of success increase. If your child has a micropenis, your doctor may recommend you to a paediatric urologist or an endocrinologist.

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A short course of testosterone is usually the initial line of treatment. This therapy assesses the penis' ability to respond to growth hormones. Your doctor may advise you to use testosterone injections or testosterone skin gel. Studies demonstrate that testosterone treatment improves penile growth in many newborns, but whether the growth continues into adolescence and maturity is unknown. You should not use testosterone injections or skin gels unless your doctor has prescribed them. If testosterone therapy is not increasing the size of your penis, then doctor may attempt another treatment.


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