Short Walks may cut Diabetes Risk in Older People

By  , BBC News
Jun 12, 2013

old couple walking

It has been found in a recent study that post-meal walks after each meal prevent older people from developing type-2 diabetes. According to the study, blood sugar levels elevate after meals and may therefore, increase the risk of type-2 diabetes and therefore, one must not rest after a meal. The Diabetes UK stressed that there is a small difference between exercise routines, though any type of activity can prove beneficial to the individual.

The lead author, Loretta DiPietro, said that high blood sugar post meals are a key risk factor in the development from pre-diabetes stage to type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. It was found that three 15-minute walks were as effective at reducing blood sugar over a period of 24 hours as a singular 45-minute walk of the same intensity.

She added that older people may be more likely to experience a peak in their blood sugar levels compared with younger people. This is because older people have insulin resistance in the muscles and either slow or low insulin secretion from the pancreas. The best time to walk as per the study is after evening meal, which tends to be usually the largest and triggers the greatest rise in blood sugar levels.

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