Schezwan Sauce Recipe with Stir Fried Vegetables

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Nov 21, 2011

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 Stir Fried VegetablesExcessive dieting can strain your kidney and liver. Therefore, eating healthy becomes all the more crucial. Treat yourself, with this home-cooked Chinese speciality.


Key Ingredients: 5-6 baby corns, ¾ cup of broccoli florets, ½ cup fresh frozen peas, 4 dry red chillies (broken), 3-4 teaspoons schezuan sauce, 2 teaspoons corn flour mixed with water, 2 sticks of spring onions (chopped), few broccoli florets, a pinch of sugar, salt as per taste, 1 tablespoon refined oil, 2 capsicums (evenly cut), ½ medium sized cabbage (finely chopped)


First, heat the oil and add red chillies and cabbage to it. Fry it till the cabbage gets reasonably tender. Add spring onion and rest of the vegetables and pour schezuan sauce over it. Muddle it all for a minute or two. Lastly, add corn flour, salt and sugar to it and bring it to boil. Serve it with shredded cheese on top!


 Nutri-check: Corns  provide roughage to the body and adds bulk to the digestive system.



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