Safety Tips for Noida 10K Marathon

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Jul 05, 2012

Noida is an industrial town which falls in India’s NCR or national capital region. It borders the capital New Delhi and has become a hub for students, professionals and businesses. The authorities and residents of Noida can boast of having a world class city which is one of the greenest in the country. A marathon has been organised in the city so that the people can take better advantage of the greenery and keep themselves fit.

The 10 K marathon has been organised by Network 18 in association with the Supertech group, on 8th of July, 2012, with the motto of “Run for clean, green and safe Noida.” With the sweltering heat and humidity of July, the runners may find it tough if they do not go prepared.

With some safety tips for avoiding burnouts and other complications caused by a marathon, the volunteers of Noida 10 K marathon would do just fine.

  • Keep yourself hydrated – You need to keep up the level of fluids in your body along with the essential nutrients or salts that you may lose with excessive perspiration. So, increase your water intake on days leading up to the race. Yes, having more water just on the day is not a wise idea. On the day of the marathon, having plenty of water is important but it is not enough. Get a sports drink, glucose or lemon juice with salt to replenish your lost salts. You need to drink these every 2-3 km. By keeping your body’s water level and essential salts up to the mark, you would be able to endure the exertion of running 10 km.
  • Be clear about the route – Confusion about the route of marathon should be avoided at all costs. If you happen to be ahead of the crowd or lag behind, you should know the way to the en point. Always run on the footpath and never on the road that has speeding traffic. This would keep you safe from accidents.
  • Follow the traffic when running on road – When you run on a road, make sure you are on the side which makes you face the traffic. This would let you have a look at the vehicles closest to you.
  • Your friends and/or spouse should know the route too – Let your friends or spouse know about the route you would cover in the 10 km run. Bachelors sharing rooms in Noida should let their roommates know about the route as well s the time at which you expect to be back. If something were to happen to you, which is always a possibility in a marathon, the people concerned about your would know where to find you.

By following these marathon safety tips, you can avoid its potential health complications.



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