Metabolic Syndrome: Role And Types Of Exercises To Prevent This Syndrome

Metabolic Syndrome can invite many cardiovascular diseases. Follow these types of exercise routines to prevent it

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Jul 16, 2021Updated at: Jul 16, 2021
Metabolic Syndrome: Role And Types Of Exercises To Prevent This Syndrome

Being fat is not a curse but the diseases that come along with it are a major source of problem. Obesity is one of the leading causes of diseases and affects health of a person adversely. Metabolic syndrome is a condition in which many factors come together and influence health of the person. It can increase risk of heart diseases, stroke, diabetes and high blood sugar etc. It creates excess body fat around your waist thus inviting a number of diseases to feast. However this can be prevented if you exercise on a regular basis and perform different training regimes that can improve your health condition. 

How Can Exercise Improve Metabolic Syndrome?

Metabolic syndrome is quite common among people but they do not notice it until some serious disease occurs. Over ¼ of people in India are at the risk of developing metabolic syndrome. Exercises are a great way to fight and prevent it because it can be only prevented if the fat stored around your belly and waist goes away. You can choose the type of routine you want to follow. It is recommended that you should follow different routines in different stages according to your progress. 


Metabolic syndrome is more likely to happen if you have three or more of the following-

  • Fat is around your waist- the fat stored around your waist makes your waistline go 40 inches or above in case of men and 35 inches or above in women.
  • High triglycerides- If you have high levels of triglycerides in the blood, then you might be facing this syndrome soon. 
  • Low levels of good cholesterol- If your blood does not have enough levels to good cholesterol, the risk of developing this syndrome increases.
  • High blood sugar- Fasting glucose that is equal or greater than 100mg per dL.

Exercise, diet and weight loss can improve this condition and can prevent you from metabolic syndrome.

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Types of Exercises for Preventing Metabolic Syndrome

The type of exercise depends on the stage of the person. You should not go to high intensity interval training straight, first you need to start with moderate exercises and then increase your level. Here are some types of exercises you can do to prevent and control metabolic syndrome.

1. Moderate- intensity exercises

These exercises are basic exercises which do not put too much pressure on your body. It can increase your heart rate range to around 70% which can be beneficial. These exercises involve sports activities, games, water aerobics and brisk walking. Moderate exercises make you breathe harder but you would not go out of breath at any stage.


2. Vigorous-intensity exercises

These exercises are high intensity exercises that include running, cycling, aerobic dancing, and different activities that can increase your heart rate up to 85% efficiency. You can determine vigorous intensity training when you will only be able to speak in short phrases. It can cause little breathlessness and you need to perform these exercises in open space so that it does not create panic. Vigorous exercises are meant to increase your cardio workout and lower down the risk of cardiac arrest and metabolic syndrome.

3. High Intensity Interval Training

Once you get comfortable with both type of exercises, then you can opt for exercises that are based on resistance training and increases intensity of your workout. High intensity interval training means to increase the level of exercises gradually by giving just 2 minutes of break in between. It improves your overall health and builds endurance as well as strength in the body. High Intensity interval training exercises are best for people who want to reduce the risk of any type of diseases related to heart or brain function. Exercises like skipping, dumbbell squat press, stair running, pull-ups, and short sprints etc come under these.


4. Combines Aerobic and Resistance Training

Aerobic exercises are moderate exercises that improve BMI, waist circumference, triglycerides and blood pressure of people. It can be beneficial for starting off with basic workout which does not have too much to do with intense workout schedules. Resistance training also helps in systolic blood pressure, HDL cholesterol and waist circumference. If you can mix both exercises together it can significantly improve VO2 peak measurement. 

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Metabolic syndrome can lead to a number of health conditions linked to heart disorders and obesity problems. In metabolic syndrome a person becomes obese and due to a number of conditions which can be problematic to his health. Exercises are one of the best way to prevent metabolic syndrome and bring down the risk of this syndrome. There are different types of workout you can choose and bring into your routine as you progress. Start with moderate exercises then moving to intense or vigorous exercises. Once you are comfortable doing both then you can combine the exercises and make one high intensity interval training program which can decrease the rate of metabolic syndrome. 

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