Weighing the Risks and Benefits of Caesarean Section

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Jan 21, 2012
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  • Caesarean section is usually hassle-free and safe.
  • Most women are hospitalised post c-section.
  • There can be post natal complications.
  • When mother’s condition is at risk, c-section is saviour.

Considering the risks and benefits of caesarean section is the first crucial step before giving consent to the doctor. Caesarean section is usually hassle-free and does not take more than two to three hours to get over.


caesarean risks


Risks associated with Caesarean Section


  • It is best to avoid a caesarean section if you have had a major operation before getting pregnant for any problem. This is because the body takes a lot of time to revert to a state of normalcy and bear the brunt of pregnancy.
  • A caesarean section gives no guarantee of a safe delivery. This is because one cannot estimate the impending complications that might occur while the surgery is on especially for women who have irregular menstruation cycle or have a tendency of developing fibroids in the uterus.
  • Most women have to have a mandatory hospitalisation post-caesarean section. This is because one is never certain of the post natal complications that develop in the later stages of the delivery. Usually, the slit made in the lower abdominal area takes a lot of time to heal.
  • It is a surgical way of giving birth to the child, which is visibly the unnatural way of delivery. The incision usually is made through the skin of the abdomen muscle reaching further down to the uterus. Due to the cut, at times, the surrounding internal organs are also put at stake. A minor scarring in the surrounding organs can lead to heavy blood loss and complications.
  • Caesarean section cannot be had more than once or twice. This increases the risk involved when getting the baby out.
  • In case of an unsuccessful caesarean section, there can be legal hassles as well.



caesarean benefits


The Benefits of C-section


  • A woman can easily choose the date of delivery in case of a caesarean section. This especially helps women, who have a steady career and want to calculate their date of joining work. Women opting for such a delivery must also realise that not all caesarean section deliveries go bad.
  • Cases where it becomes difficult to save the foetus and the mother’s condition turns out to be at risk, caesarean section often happens to be a great saviour of lives.




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