Reasons you should be happy you’re Pregnant

Getting Pregnant - Many women tend to look at pregnancy as a burden with a lot of responsibility. They should look at it as time to be happy and enjoy the experience!

Bushra Kafeel
PregnancyWritten by: Bushra KafeelPublished at: Nov 22, 2011
Reasons you should be happy you’re Pregnant

Reasons you should be happy youre pregnant

Some women think that post delivery they will be loaded with responsibilities while the others are afraid of pregnancy blues. Have you ever thought that being pregnant is fun?  Here are some nice things about pregnancy that will surely help you enjoy your period of conception.

  • You have nine months to fantasise, plan and prepare for your baby’s arrival.
  • Savour the first few weeks of joy when the news of your pregnancy is shard with your husband and family.
  • Pamper yourself. Spend hours to enjoy body massages and scented bath.
  • Use your pregnancy as an opportunity to sleep longer.
  • During pregnancy you will have a healthy glow even without investing in an expensive packaged blush.
  • Enjoy watching how people react on knowing about your pregnancy. Tell your mom, brother, sister and other loved ones and watch their faces lighten up.
  • On becoming pregnant, you will realise what your mom had to go through for you. This feeling of realization would bring you closer to your mom.
  • Enjoy the unusual dreams that are common during the last period of pregnancy. Wondering how? Share them with your friends and laugh!
  • You can keep a pregnancy diary, which can be addressed in the future .i.e. post delivery.
  • The thought that your love has created a new life would make you happy.
  • Pregnancy gives you the opportunity to make new friends as even the strangers have some story to share with you. Enjoy listening to their pregnancy stories.
  • Enjoy going out in the evening and doing all those things that you will not be able to do after the baby’s arrival.
  • Buying the first cuddle toy for your baby is a pleasant experience.
  • Pregnancy makes you realise that you will never be alone and bored again.
  • Deciding a name for your little bundle of joy gives pleasure to parents. Start a name hunt for the baby and enjoy your pregnancy. If you get stuck with the names, you can take the help of baby name books or check-out online websites with baby name suggestions.
  • Even labour can make a woman happy as that is when she gets to know that a lot of people love and care for her.
  • Be happy for the fact that you have started to get extra attention from people around you. Husband, aunt, mother, friends and even strangers go an extra mile to take care of you.


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