10 Reasons Why Long-distance Relationships Just Don't Work

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Jul 02, 2012

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Reasons Why Long distance Relationships Just Dont Work

There is a lot of talk about long-distance relationship nowadays because it is not working in many cases. There are many people who are unable to keep a long distance relationship despite it working great when the couple meet regularly. So, why does the old adage of out of sight, out of mind prove true in so many cases in a long distance relationship? Given here are some of the main reasons.


  1. Lack of communication – One of the major differences between a regular relationship and a long-distance is change in medium of communication. You cannot have as much conversation as you used to when you met regularly. When conversing via technology or a third person, it is just not the same. Smiling warmly at your partner can hardly compare with the smiley of the chat screen. So, as soon as that something which you use to communicate is disturbed, be it the online chat, mobile, or even a third person, you are left to empty handed. This leads to anxiety, depression, feeling of loneliness, and results in misunderstanding.
  2. Issues of trust – Not having trust in your partner is not a good platform to base your relationship even if it is a face to face one. In case of a long distance relationship, it can get even messier. If you always feel like learning about him/her acquaintances, his/her communications with other people, take a hard look at your relationship. But if you do trust your partner, some doubts may still creep in when your relationship becomes long distance.
  3. Lack of timeline – You need to be clear with your partner about how long to keep the relationship at a distance. You two need to look forward to something for enduring the separation, in the absence of which, the drift would be very natural.
  4. Keeping in touch becomes expensive – In a face to face relationship, keeping in touch means hanging out to have coffee or sandwich together at your favourite place. When you two live apart, it may mean booking an airline ticket which is not cheap. Even calling each other means paying long distance calling rates.
  5. Time changes perspectives – Living apart for too long can change the perspectives of people who intended to stick to each other despite the distance. Getting the news about the partner is not the same as living together and growing close.
  6. 6. Signs of breakup – The very decision to live apart may mean that your partner is not interested in you anymore. But they do not want to lose the security and stability provided by your companionship.
  7. Unmatched expectations – There may be different expectations of your partner than yours when you decide to live apart. This can often result in a breakup.
  8. 8. Pangs of separation – Couples living apart feel the pangs of loneliness due to physical and emotional separation. Many are not able to hold their nerve and start looking up to other people for companionship.
  9. Too many issues – Career concerns, outstanding loans and the rest of the problems in life can take precedence over the resolve to keep a relationship going.
  10. Opportunity – Living apart gives the partners the opportunity to consider many other life partners. If this can happen even when partners live together, the chances are much more in case of long-distance relationship.


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