Things to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

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May 23, 2013

Things to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

In many relationships, partners are staying apart for jobs, studies in different cities/ states or country altogether. Such relationships are called long distance relationships (long distance relationships).


Decide goals

While getting into a long distance relationship, plan the goals (individual and common) as well as the means to achieve them.


Connected, share and gift

Send messages and emails throughout the day, if possible. Ask for opinions, share thought and emotions – happy/sad immediately, to keep the emotional connection on. Use video calling facilities and share the day to day happenings.

Write letters and send gifts with or without a purpose! It helps the partner to forget the physical distance between you both.


Benefit from the distance

Utilise the free time to pursue hobbies / develop relations with family and friends. Undertake all those activities that you couldn’t earlier and regain your individuality.

Increase the understanding and the quality of communication in relationship. Both should co-operate and contribute equally. Have reasonable expectations from the partner. Trust them to fulfil the same. If not fulfilled, be patient.


Pursue common interests – Do things together

Find creative ways to bond. Watch the same TV channel or read the same book simultaneously which portray the fun of doing things together. Communicate and share thoughts while doing the activity!


Avoid being dominating and jealous. Trust your partner

Trust is the foundation of all relationships. Have faith in your partner that he/she will be loyal to you. Give them the freedom. In-case your partner has found a better match than you, instead of being jealous let him/her go. Dominating the partner to not to leave you, will not stop him / her from mentally moving away. Graciously accept the decision and move ahead!


Challenging each other

Challenge each other to perform activities, that otherwise could not be done such as cooking or learning a new language. This acts as a mission to be accomplished before you meet / speak the next time!


Talk about your future

Plan your future. Regularly discuss your targets and the way you want to spend your life together. This strengthens the relationship by working towards achieving a common dream!


Visit often

Visiting is more of a necessity than a tip to keep the fire alive. Make as many visits as feasible.


Mutually agree and create your own standards of relationship


Follow certain rules such as agree to disagree, accept each other as you are, trust and honesty, and open communication. It helps in developing a strong relationship.


Be there in crises

Be available whenever your partner is in trouble. Ensure them that they can reach you when in need. It also means that in times of peril you might have ot be physically present by their side.


It is important to remember, like any other relationship, a long distance relationship too requires love, patience, sacrifices, mutual co-operation and great deal of understanding to keep it healthy and strong!


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