Rajasthan: Doctors killing Unborn Girls

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Apr 04, 2012

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Doctors killing Unborn Girls

Some deceitful doctors in the state of Gujarat are not only helping in the killing of female foetus in the womb in Rajasthan, but are possibly also responsible for the disappearance of girls from Rajasthan. The situation has reached such proportions that Rajasthan is now looking for a joint initiative with Gujarat state government for preventing their pregnant women from having sex determination of their foetus in Gujarat, which is the precursor to rampant female foeticide.

Gujarat has witnessed a trivial rise in child sex ratio (CSR) of girls which was 883 girls for 1,000 boys in 2001 which rose to 886 in the year 2011. On the other hand in Rajasthan, the CSR has dropped significantly from 909 in 2001 to 883 in 2011, causing serious concerns about the issue. Patients from Rajasthan frequently cross over to districts of Gujarat due to lack of facilities in the state. Around 7000 of these are pregnant women.
Where the situation becomes troublesome is when cases are underreported by doctors. Pregnant women are sure to undergo sonography but all the cases are not reported.

While most pregnant women undergo sonography, there is massive underreporting by doctors. Principal Secretary for Health in the Rajasthan government has written to the Gujarat health commissioner PK Taneja on this issue. He has asked for close monitoring of pregnant women who cross the border and the regulations of the pre-conception and pre-natal diagnostic techniques (PCPNDT) Act is adhered to. He sounded alarmed about the declining sex ratio whose adverse effects would be faced by the coming generation.

The district collector of Banaskantha, the area in Gujarat where most of the migration for treatment from Rajasthan takes place, said that vigilance in the area has been intensified.  The unfavourable sex ratio is a cause for concern all over the country but in some states such as Punjab and Rajasthan, the sex ratio is especially skewed.



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